Friday, December 31, 2010

REALLY Random post XD lol....

God~ I love chatting with Mie, my diamond gal buddy~XD
I just HAD to post this shit~ LOL......we were talking about
something and this came across~ We make up REALLY good stories...
That her by the way,just in case you don't know who she is~ n_n ---->

we die cuz the car accident ..... the end of the story~ happy ever after..... XD
[Robin Anderson]1:13am
make up some total bullshit we got kidnapped by aliens

i like that idea~LOL

[Robin Anderson]1:13am
and we had to be slaves....for a whole month LOL
all these are wonderful ideas

we could do all that!!!!! we were slaves and we got kidnapped
by aliens but we got hit by a UFO and die~ LMAO~ha ha XD

[Robin Anderson]1:15am
okay we are using that one " tsubasa was there too"

OK ~yay!!!!!!!!!!!!she was the God Then!

Here is some other random pics of me and other stuff.....

ok~ few weeks ago I lost my driver license I.D.
So this pic is the day I went to the DMV to go
get a new one. I try to do my make up PERFECT
so on my ID card I would look super nice .n_n
I'll post it when i get it!

close up of my eyes~

I don't know if its just me but doesn't she look gal?

I took this near my house~
When I first saw it, I was like WTF???
CRAZYNESS!!!!!! how can this happen?
how do they do it?XD LOL

sorry for a random post.... feeling really random today~XP