Thursday, July 7, 2011

☆ AMAZING TBS concert ☆ :D

I got to see my fav band "Taking Back Sunday!!! " on June 26 and July 1 st. at the Sunset , Hollywood at the house of Blues. OMG~ It was fucking was AMAZING!!! *3* BEST fucking show I've ever been to by far. I had such a wonderful time. Greatest concert experience of my life. I was in the front so I was really lucky to see them in my FACE~ lol.... Oh oh oh....Adam the band singer, came out into the crowd and even crowd surfing all over the damn place! AND I GOT TO TOUCH HIM !!! *0* Ohh yes i did!!!! Im like hella happy person right now! ha ha ha Such a fantastic performance~ :3 Im glad went both days.....Thanks to my honey for making this whole thing happen. n___n Anyways, that night was fucking-credible~

At the same night "Thursday" was planing before TBS. They were really good also~
I even got a guitar pick from them when they threw the pick at the crowd. super cool ness... :)