Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yay finally bought a web cam ! :D

Hey guys!!!!! Guess what? This weekend, I ended up buying a web cam for me!!!!
I know~ Its about time.....My old ones didn't work anymore so I finally bought
a new ass one that works! he he I was so excited.......you guys dont even know~
Im excited cuz now I get to see you guys and chat too! So If I know you, please
Add me ! ;D
kilakilaglam is my skype name. n__n

So the first person I skype with was "Eim !"
I had a wonderful time chatting with her. X3
It was really fun! Cant wait to chat with everyone~
Sooooo exciting.....yay.......
I snap a pic..... sorry , we look like we were really sleepy....
Its cuz we were about to go to sleep. ;)
Night night sweet dreams......

Now random pic time......

This is my baby "Mika".
I notice I don't blog about my pets....
I have a lots of pets by the way...lol
Ill post all of them next time...;)
I took this pic from my phone camera.
I have some cool apps for it.

Awwww she is way too cute huh?
By the way, she is a Pomeranian.
And she is 4yr sexy girl! lol
And for summer I cut her hair like a lion , cuz
L.A. summer is wayyy~ too
fuck'n HOT !!!
More pic coming soon...

I HATE SODAS...... But this is the only sodas
I will drink..... Melon soda~Yummy~

Yummy fruit mochi..... :)