Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Store Justice TIME !!! Just for girls!!!

Hey hey!!! How is everyone doing....? Hope everyone is doing wonderful...
Anyways the other day, I went to the mall to buy some cute items for my 2 lil girls at my work. They wanted to exchange x-mas gift so i say ...why not! n__n

Girls from age 8 to 13yr loves the store Justice. I remember I use to shop there when I was lil girl~ Mannnnn....I LOVE THAT PLACE! They have soooo many cute items for little girls~ Some item from that store could be for joke!!! Im glad It was super easy to shop for the girls. I just bought something i would get for my self~ XD LOL I just need to buy one more gift from that store again....Ill be going there really soon. The shop made me miss my childhood so much..... I just cant wait to have my own child and do fun stuff and dress them up~ Soon soon.... ;)

Stuff i have bought from Store Justice......

Isn't really CUTE!? *3*
I bought a bag,wallet,lip gloss and journal book for each girls.
I know one of the girl loves blue and the other girl loves pink.
Its so perfect for them!