Monday, January 31, 2011

*Love My Diamond Gals*

Sorry about last week ,I had been really busy with tons of shit. That's why I haven't post last week. U.U BUT! Saturday that just past, Us Diamond gals had a very important business. He he..I cant say nothing yet, but soon you will find out. I guess... XD I got to spend a whole day with my diamond gals which it was awesome! *3* It was such a long ass day~ I was really tired at the end. X_x Couldn't even walk the next day.... cuz we walk ALL OVER THE WHOLE California, at least it feels like~ LOL... Even all that it was SOooo AMAHZING !!!! A little inside joke between my Diamonds...... ha ha WHERE IS MY KEYS!!!!! Then music.......LOL ha ha And sailor moon talk in the car. And DAMN Yoshinoya... Good times~
AWWW... We are on the LA WEEKLY News paper~
How nice is that~ *3* ha ha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My week...GANTZ,Jay Leno,Robert Pattinson & make up .

I saw GANTZ the world premiere on Thursday in City Walk. I Really loved it! It was nice~ Too bad it wasn't in Japanese would of been WAY~ better i think~ >.> but it still kick ASS tho!!! I cant wait to see in Japanese! I know its going be alot better! And also I CANT WAIT to see the next ONE!!! Im soooo excited! *3*

Ohhhh and before the movie, we were walking around in city walk looking at stuff and GUESS WHO I SAW ???? Jay Leno !!! XD LOL so random. ha ha I guess he was interviewing some lady for his show ~ So i snap some pic! He is soooo COOL! ha ha

this one i took~

Talk about famous people~ I was suppose to post this pic a while ago~ but my mom met Robert Pattinson in person !!!! soo fuck'n LUCKY!!!!!!!! *0* he came to my moms work to eat ramen! ha ha I guess he likes ramen ... That lil Japanese women next to Robert Pattinson is my mom !!! XD She said he was with 2 other friends. and when she ask him if he was Robert Pattinson he said in the shy way and smiled and said YES~ ha ha too cute~ I could soo picture that~ she said he was really nice.n_n Where I live, I seen so many famous ppl often. Its so crazy.

This might be nasty for some of you.... but last night my boy friends cousins came over the house just to hang out... Anyways~His cousin got Persimmon off the tree and decided to eat it. He could finish the Persimmon so he left the Persimmon on the table. My pervert boyfriend pointed out that the left over Persimmon looked like women s vagaina !!!! XD LOL Which it did.... So they decided to pretend to play with it! too fuck'n funny and nasty~ XD
This is
Persimmon if you dont know what fruit it is....

I KNOW !!!!! ITS SICK!!!!
but i had to post this cuz its REALLY FUNNY!

Stuff i got this weekend~ n_n man.. I LOVE MAKE UP!

Just me~ n_n

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now and Then... How im allways changing...

I have been reminiscing these past day....U.U For some reason reminiscing the good times makes you feel really good inside~ It made me feel grateful that I made this far~Not everyone is that lucky~You know? Looking at some old pictures from way back then. Remembering about what i did these past years.....I find it really crazy how people grow and change , good and bad. I also have meet so many gals and people in my life. ♥ I just LOVE meeting new people. n_n I'm so ~excited to meet more people this year! *3* Anyways I have gather all the pictures since i was 1st yr.
till now! You could see how I change and grow up. XP
LOL ha ha these pics make me LOL every time~

Soooo ya......That's me....growing up sadly~ U.U
Grrrrrrrrr~ I don't want to get any older~
I wonder how I'm going to look when I'm 30 ???? OR Even 40!!!?
Most likely I will have kids by then.....XD LOL
Would I still be blogging? O.O? Who knows?
Time will tell I guess.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gyaru Glitter make up :D

Yesterday was my day off for both of my jobs. So I had some free time to play with make up a lil.
I get inspired by Cocona All the time. If you don't know who she is, she is a gyaru AV model.

She got some SEXY ASS GYARU MAKE UP every time , EVEN if she in porn doing her thang ~
She is MY TOP #1 favorite GAL for sure! I call that a REAL street gyaru ! :) She is the BEST ! *3*

Since I was inspired by her i did some make up with colors.
I usually do have glitter every time but ...this time I added more glitter ! n_n sorry guys ...
I was going to post the make up I used but, I didn't have time so next time .
MY BAD......U.U
Now my pictures...I know i look really bad next to Cocona ..XP

Monday, January 17, 2011

*♥ SeX Talk ♥* Nihon no condoms~

Hey sexy people you know what i miss...??? Japanese kawaii, GIRLY, kira kira and sexy ass condoms !!! XD lol Im not kidding you~ >.> I do miss those... U.U like 2 years ago I bought tons of cute ass condoms from Japan. I wanted to show everyone cuz it was REALLY super CUTE! I think If the US states have those condoms ...DUDE ...>.> young girls would actually USE condoms and be safe !!! XD ha ha carrying condom would be FUN!!!! you could show and tell and trade with your girl friends, boyfriends , strangers just anyone...It would be a good ice breaker even~ he he he he XP J/K(By the way I'm open to talk about sex talk just so you know.....Been always had...n_n)

I have used the white box Glamorous butterfly , the black in pink box Glamorous butterfly and the
Luxury Gold. n_n

White box Glamorous Butterfly (Dots) all over the condom ...I mean more like bumps. =)
Black in pink box Glamorous Butterfly (HOT) get hot or warm when u use it.
Luxury Gold is just the condom is GOLD~ LOL like the condom is gold color~
I really like all of them~ fun fun...
These pics I took 2 year ago~I know some people HATES using condoms.... cuz they say.."I CANT FEEL HIM AS MUCH!" To me it doesn't make a different , same shit if he as it or not....XD And top of that..I like to be SAFE !!! better safe than sorry~ right? I do not want ANY accident at all. I would like to PLAN to have a child. Cuz i want the BEST for my kids, better than what i had. When i have a child i want to be ready you know? Oh ya, and you don't want to get any STD either~=P SO SAFE SEX PLZ EVERYONE !!!!! =)
I know I do~ XD been with my man since 2003 and sex ONLY with him~ :) HA HA
I just want to guys and gals be careful ok~ KEEP YOUR SHIT SAFE !!! :)

Next topic for "sex talk" is sex toys. hopefully I be doing it soon...n_n

P.S. If you don't like to read shit like this or you get offensive
maybe you should get out of my blog and don't look at it,that might help~ n_n

In till next time see ya.... LOVE & PEACE

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Made my self a signature... :D

I always wanted to make a signature for a long ass time for blogs. But I haven't had time.... But I had some time today so, I decided to make one really quick~ A lot of time times I change my signature.....Its cuz I get bored quickly . That's the bad thing about me~ =.= I always need a change every often when it come to anything....I never like to stick to one thing. I have to have it ALL and always different ..... XD I seen people with REALLY CUTE ASS signature~ I want to try to make a cute signature too~ *3* I need to find me a BEST signature that i will love it forever !!!! Anyways this is what I have right now~ Its like ... whatevers~U.U
So.... Do you guys have a signature? I would like to see yours too.
It fun to see it. Its like a ART.
I seen some REALLY CRAZY looking ones.
Its soooo COOl~ *3*

Ohhhh also~ Today, I got me some NEW Diamond lash again....;D
4 different ones....I better put them in to my collections !!!
You know lashes are my CRACK !!!! @3@ HA HA HA

I cant stop buying lashes....U.U

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MY NEW BLOG LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T soo happy~

Have you notice something new about my blog??? ITS A NEW BLOG DESIGN!!! he he ^3^ Thanks to Emi Marie !!!!! She is the best!!!! So last time on my last blog I ask everyone if anyone would help me PIMP out my blog~ And she came quickly to pimp my blog~ n_n Basically I told her how I wanted to look on my blog~ Like colors and styles....with in days~ She did it !!!! I really love how it came out !!!! *3* Its sooooo ME!!!! ha ha ha But its still not done yet tho... she is still working on it....n_n I told her to take her time no rush~ she could just do my blog when she is free...

I just like to THANK Emi Marie for helping with my BLOG and really taking her time and being such a sweet heart to me! Thank you 10000000000x Emi Marie!
Anyways Im going to be sending her a gift ones I go buy the stuff this week...X3 I feel so grateful so I feel like i need to give her a cute as gift! She didn't want any, but told her she better GET IT NO CHOICE! HA HA >:D
Add her blog if you like...EMI's BLOG
That her pic by the way~ she is sooo pretty *3*