Monday, November 15, 2010

update Oct / Nov

hey guys~ I have half brown hair and RED.
BUT I had it for awhile back....

people think i just had it done. XD LOL
I think i had it since Oct 1st~ I just havent have
time to take a really nice pic with it.
And i been taking pic with my wigs and shit....XD
sorry the pic isn't as good~ took it from my camera phone.

Sanrio V.I.P. event

Im really glad that i was invited to the sanrio
V.I.P. event!!! n_n Thanks YOU!!!!
Anyways I had so much fun cuz the V.I.P event was
the only day of FREE stuff on EVERYTHING!!!! *3*
Like food , drinks ,photo booth and all that fun stuff.
Im hoping im going to the other sanrio event soon!

I only took lil pic cuz i forgot my camera at home~ >o<
wish i took tons~ =(

The last 4 pic are from sanrio blog~

Happy b-day Sanrio !!!!!

Super LATE post on Halloween cuz busy & lazy lol XD

Ooohhh god~ I forgot to post stuff on my blog~
NOT GOOD AT ALL~ anyways some picture from halloween,
I know its all late but ...... better than never posting it. XD