Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gyaru hair color Ideas for me...

Soon... I'm thinking of coloring my hair again~
I have this hair color since first week of Oct.
I cant believe its been that long already~Time past by so fast.
Anyways~I think I'm still keeping the 2 tone hair color tho..
I'm might just change only the red side in to a purple.
And the brown hair side will get little more lighter....
My mind can change anytime knowing me~ :3
So we will see I guess...... ;P Most likely will change the color next month.
I just been thinking lately that's all. Hope I could make up my mind soon.

I decided to put some pictures together of gyaru hair colors.
Both Japaneses gyaru and western gyaru . n__n
Most of the picture is with bright colors hair or have 2 tone colors.

Most likely I would be using
Punky Colour or Manic Panic.
OR even BOTH ! ;D

If you guys know any other cool brands that works really good?
Just comment and let me know the info~ love to try
new things~ n__n