Monday, September 12, 2011

ShibuyaLa Grand Opening Party!!!

ShibuyaLa Grand Opening Party!!!

Hosted by KIMIMELA & Featuring Tune In Tokyo DJs

September 17, 2011 Saturday


Inside the new Shibuyala store
220 W Valley #104 San Gabriel CA 91776
starts at 7pm~ 11pm

Anyone is welcome to come but,
" GAL style " attire highly recommended !!! ;D
Its a gyaru party ! Be super gyaru !
You don't have to be a real gal, but for this event, be a GAL !!!!

If you need help getting ready~You are more then welcome to
ask for help!!! I'll Do my best to make anyone feel like a sexy Gal!
But Please let me know ahead of time. ;) And get there between 3pm-5pm.

Food,Drinks,Music,Dancing and more ~

If you have any questions please message ...
( Michi )
( Tricia )

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