Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks boyfirend for the goods~ 8D

So this week I have bought some cute stuff....
Thanks too my boyfriend for the most.
He is way too nice~ When we go shopping
he said he feels bad that Iam buying stuff.....
Cuz he know he gets paid a lot more than I am~
He just want me to save money~ I love a man that
takes care of is women~ n_n By the way I buy most of
my shit too so don't trip LOL... I don't take his money like that...
ohh hell no~NOT a gold digger ~
I feel bad~ Even if I been with him for 7 yr.
I should buy him a thank you gift. maybe something with
One Piece cuz he really loves it! ;P

This week I went to the mall and Japanese
stores with my mom ,boyfriend and is cousin.
Also meet up with Cass and Jen to pick up
I fairy sakura pink lens from her. Over all it was good day.
I got to spend time with mom which was really nice.

Stuff i bought....
Teasing comb.
I thinkit was like $4 something~

Hair bangs $15.00

Small lil cute case. $ 2 something.

3 gyaru magazines $ 37.00 ish

Now stuff that my man bought for me this week.
Kilakkuma snacks $2ish $3 ish

kalukote small portable hair iron . $30.ish
Ill post a about this topic on the next post. n_n

Hello Kitty wine.$35 ish

Dress or long top. $17.00
bought at the mall near my house~

forever 21cost $5.80 but on sale for only $2

Forever 21 $ 3 something.

I fairy sakura pink.
Don't worry~ Ill take pic with them today.

Earthquake & Tsunami In Japan....

All I have to say is...This sucks a lot.
Till this point I still cant believe this really happen.
I'm very overwhelmed with this situation.
Every time I think about this makes me tear up.
Wish it was a nightmare, but its not.
wish we could go back in time and fix it,but we cant.
After the Japan earthquake and tsunamis,
I haven't been feeling so good.I been thinking about a lots of things lately,
like about this whole thing, people and life.

Thank goodness my family wasn't near Sendai area~
My family lives in near Sapporo ,
Hokkaido. They did have earthquake & tsunami.
But by asking ppl around it wasn't that bad they said.
On thur March 10,2011 In L.A. Time, When i first herd about
this ,I was SHOCKED. I had to call my family in Japan ASAP just in case.
I called but the phone didn't go through.....
This made me worry soo much Cuz even tho i wanted to talk to them really bad,
I couldn't. And their was nothing that i could do about......

I "HATE" being far away from people I love and i care about.
No matter how much You want to see them, you really can't.
99.7% time I go to Japan is for MY FAMILY! Its Not all about going
shopping or just cuz i want to go their and its not just because to find or get gyaru shit. .
That's not the whole reason I go their for.Its so i could see my love ones and
spend time with them before its gone. Their are 3 ppl I really care about in Japan.
which is my grandma,Grandpa and my aunt.
I grew up with them ,so im really close to them. So I can't help to feel this way~

Anyways~To the people in Japan right now~ my deepest sympathies go out to my friends ,families and people that was effected by earthquake and tsunami. Japan ...everyone work together and stay strong! Ill will be praying hard for Japan!