Saturday, February 26, 2011


ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party was so much fun!!!
I went with Val,Chad,Frank and my boyfriend .
Suck that it was raining that night...... all our hairs went super flat and nasty~ >.<
Lately L.A. weather been lil weird. Its been SUPER COLD and WET !!!
HATE IT !!!! Anyways....even tho it was raining~ we still wanted to go support ANAP!
We got to meet some wonderful gals that work for ANAP and there friends~
There WERE SOOO SWEET!!!!! They even invited us to join them and drink champagne
with them which it was really nice. n_n They said they seen us on TV too!!!!
Ha ha ha OMG everyone in their mama's seen us~ XD so crazy~ But the girls said they want to do
a event together soon!!!! this is mad crazy~ DIAMOND gets better and better every time!
Im sooo excited! *3* It was nice drinking and dancing the whole night....
We got lil drunk .... he he I don't know if you notice on the picture~ LOL haha

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If you like to see more pic just go on my Facebook ...n_n

Anyways this is their "NEW" ANAP L.A. U.S. website if you guys like to see.
Also the Japanese website ANAP .