Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review on " I fairy Sakura pink Lens "

Review on " I fairy Sakura pink Lens "

This eye lens I bought it off my friend Cass
cuz, I guess she had some extra one.
So I didn't buy it at the web store, just so you know.... n_n

I fairy Sakura pink
Power: 0-850
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable
Power Range : 0 ~ 850 Degree
Made by sB, Made in Korea

It really makes your eyes look HUGE and pop out cuz the
black ring around the pink! It give your face sweet dreamy look.

On my eyes it does have a light pink color.
I have like the most darkest brown eyes in the world!
(feels like at least~) To the point it look just like black!
I'm guess depend what color eyes you have it could be any kinds of pink shades.
I think in doors the color could be less pink ish....
it has like light purple/pink look. But I could still see a the pink with this lens.
n_n I like how its "natural pink" shade color. If that even makes any scene...
lol its not like a Anime pink eyes....XD

Its really conffy~ n_n If you going to wear it all day,
maybe a lil eye drop would help u feel so conffy all day long since its a big lens~

Left eyes: With lens Right eyes: With out lens
Sorry my eyes look stupid on this pic cuz , I was smiling a little.
So I was squinting my eyes. lol
Pic with out make up.

Close up of my eyes with out make up with the lens.
With flash.

With flash, with lens and with light make up.

Zoooom.....close up.

Indoor,No flash, with lens and with light make up.

With flash,with lens and with HEAVY make up.

Outside, NO flash, with lens and with heavy makeup.

Ohhhh P.S. And yes I took all these picture.

Cute & Pink Hello Kitty Wine~

So last weekend I went out to Japanese stores with my mom and my man.
Went to the Marukai Market. I was walking near the liquor section .
And I spotted something pink near the wine section.
Then I saw a cute ass Hello Kitty Wine!!! OMG~
I was like..... OHHhhhh HELL NO~ I need to get this!!!! *0*
LOL ha ha ha Since Im trying to save money , I was lil
unsure if I should get itor not......Cuz the price was like $35.oo something~
U__U Then my man walk near me
and he saw me hold the wine REALLY HARD~ XD
Soo....I guess my man felt bad and he wanted to buy it for me~
That was really sweet of him~ T__T THANK YOUUU BABY!!!!
Anyways I don't think I am going to open it~ even tho I want to try it.
I just want to collect this... maybe I will get a another one just to try
it soon....I really want to try it REALLLLYYY BADDDD .T0T

Link for this cute wine~ Hello Kitty Wine!!!

So I took some picture so you guys could see.... n_n
At the Marukai market.
LOOK AT IT!!!! It was calling ME!!!! I cant say NO to this!!! LOL

Close up of the wine..."Angel and Devil."

I end up buying the Angel one cuz it was the cheapest. U__U
I wanted the devil one tho..... I think that one was lil stronger too..
It was dark wine for the devil.