Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lil Tokyo Japanese festival


This was Kayo's Last day in LA. ;___;
AWWW I was super sad.....
On this day, I took her the the Japanese festival.
She was really lucky that she stayed till this day.
Cuz she extend her stay in LA cuz she really loved LA.
She even got to meet a lot more new gals on this day.
Its crazy that there is A LOT of gals in LA now. Before it was super duper
hard to find any gals at all. >.<
Kayo was able to meet so many gals in LA. and im happy that 
I got to show her around.
Japanese festival for her last day was really sweet.
 We went to eat dinner at shabu shabu place.
OMG............. sooo yummy!!! My Fav.!
Then snacked all over the place~ ;)
Time went so fast!!! By the time, it was end of the day, 
me dropping her off and saying good bye. ;(
I didn't notice she bought me a  good bye gift!
She told me thank you so much forever thing 
and give me a nice gift. I was lil mad at her for spending money on me ...
LOL ....I was like..... NOOOOOO!!! WHY!!!!! BUT THANK YOU!!!!
YOu didn't really had to do it.....u___u Ohh mannn~
I feel like I know her for so long~ made me so teary tho~ ;___;

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