Friday, April 29, 2011

☠⚜*•.¸May events¸.•*⚜☠ (giveaway)

Hey guys!!!!! Who's planning to go to ....
"ℛEVOLT 2011 - ℛEAL or ℱAME"

Its going to be after next weekend!!!!
Us Diamond Gals are cross promotion with REVOLT !!!
So if you going, you guys will see some us at the event! n__n
let me know if you would like to join us and hang out at the event !!!!

☠⚜*•.¸ Info¸.•*⚜☠
When: Sunday, May 15
Time: at 8:00pm - May 16 at 1:30am.
Place: 12249 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90066.
Price:$10.00 Pre-Sale(from any Nameless Staffs) $15.00 DOOR.
Age: 21 and up.

You can purchase your tickets @ GROOVE TICKETS!

I need to think what am I going to wear!!!! Ohhh dear......
Another mission..... U___U LOL

Im so excited for............

"Ⓣokyo Ⓒollaboration"
OMG!!!! I cant wait!!!!

Now this is a really huge event!!!!
Don't miss out on this Hug ass event.
Ohhh and one of the guest is...
an experienced charismatic model/DJ
Van Cliffe.D (Elli-rose)

I cant wait to see her!!!!!! not just her but... their is alot more
famous guest ! go to the links for more info! n__n

When: Sunday, May 29 (Memorial day is the next day)
Time: 9:00pm - May 30 at 4:00am
Place: Avalon - Hollywood 1735 Vine St.Hollywood, CA
Price: $20~30 $35 at the door
Age: 21 and up!

More info just go to the facebook event page
"Tokyo Collaboration event page"

Please visit the official website for more Info


Join the... Utsukushii gal First Giveaway!!!! " Summer gal "

For more INFO

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks guys~ I was nominated for best gal eye make!

Thanks you so much everyone !!!
I was nominated for best gal eye make from
" Gaijin Gyaru Awards "
Thanks Lhouraii for letting me know the info!
I feel so grateful for this. Its really wonderful for being nominated
for GGA. Because of this, I will do my best
to try my make up even harder and get better !!!
GGA reminds me of like a year book....X3 A gal year book.
Best smile, best hair, most popular and soo
Maybe I should make a gal year book some day~?
Ones again THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone !!!
Good luck for those that was nominated in GGA.
If you did vote for me, thanks so much! :D For those that haven't
voted yet... You should vote! really fun!
Ohhh ya~and VOTE for me if you like..... n__n
GOOD LUCK & have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!! ✌&

See the video for the nominees !!!

To VOTE go here " Gaijin Gyaru Awards "

Sunday, April 24, 2011

❤ ℳy NEW hair color ❤

YAY!!!! I Finally colored my hair purple on Fri !!!
Like I said on my last post... I went to my friends house
and we had a girls beauty day~ lol We did each others
hair.... too bad we couldn't do our nails and other stuff~ U__U
We ended up just doing our hairs, cuz it took longer then we thought.
I guess next week we could do nails!!!! XD
Anyways... I had so much fun with my friends....
Its really good to spend some time with people you love.
Im so glad I have some wonder friends in my life ❤ ;D
Thanks guys ! n__n

So I basically used everything on my hair...LOL
For the purple hair I used...

Punky Colours
N' Rage
Manic Panic

I wanted to see and try out each color individually but I didn't...U__U
Sorry~ I think it's cuz.... I was super HIGH on all the hair chemicals...LOL
We were trap in side the bathroom....and all of us "DID" color our hairs~ HA HA HA
Soooo yaaa.... I ended up mixing all colors at ones.... ha ha ha I guess next time
I will do it individually..... ;P My bad..... But however ,I love how the color
came out. so bright and lovely! n_n Ohhh thanks to the bleach also.
couldn't done with out you !!!!!!! ha ha

Before I color my hair~ I beach it of course.....
When I beach my red hair, my hair turn to light pink ....
which was really cool so I had to take a pic.

When I blow dry it.... Waaaaaa~ so nice huh? :D

NOW!!!!! PURPLE TIME !!!!!!!!!! LOL

So this is how it looks now ~ n__n

It's a dark purple~ I want it lil lighter but its ok for now cuz I know my hair will
fade out very soon when I wash my hair....But I still love the color alot!!!
Really cute!!! yay!!!!! Soooo HAPPY !!!!! :D

I always need to change my looks...I really do~ U___U
I get bored easily .....Can't never stay to one thing~
I need to keep changing my looks often as I can.
I must keep my self entertain and happy as possible!
I think its fun to be open to any looks~
Don't be sacred to try anything !!!!
Cuz u might love it. I think the key to loving your looks is...
just be confident to what ever you do and it would be
just fine! Don't doubt your your looks too much.... the more you looking
for the bad things the more it shows! In some way~ you need to be care less...
And be like.... "Fuck it"..... :)
I'm saying all this cuz , because lot of people been asking... "Why any hair color
looks good on you?" I really don't think so~I think anyone could pull off any color.
That's just how i think.... But really, its about how you carry your self .

Thursday, April 21, 2011

♬Ⓢpring Cleaning ♪ Ⓢpring break♬

Hey guys!!!!
This week I have my school job off....Cuz of the spring break!!!
So that's why I have time to post a lot more~ n__n
I really don't have a spring break tho~ I been cleaning my room
for the past days~ It takes too long cuz I still work at my other job on
Tue and Wed. And top of that I have sooooooooooooo much shit!
I really want to clean really good so that I could show you my room like
I told you the last time. Sorry I been lagging~ U___U
Hope this week, I would be done with my room so I could show~
Anyways Ill post some stuff I got with in 2weeks.

I buy too much magazine......Yes ,its my crack. lol

Look at my hair... The bright red is fading.....
I will be coloring my hair tomorrow tho !
New hair color tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Can't wait! *w*
Tomorrow me and my friends are having a girls beauty day.
Which we will be doing each other hair cut , waxing, coloring hair
and doing nails... So that should be FUN! n__n

My NEW Choco mimi lens. Review coming soon......

"POP PUNK / POP IDOL" Event !!!

Last night....I went to the "POP PUNK / POP IDOL"
Hosted by Tune in Tokyo at Royal/T.
"Pop-Punk/Pop Idol" is a celebration of Harajuku and Shibuya
fashion from the Takenoku-zoku style of the early 80s through
modern Decora, Lolita, and Gyaru-Kei!

At the event they were also supporting "MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project"
Six-percent Dokidoki founder Sebastian Masuda's initiative at
Its not just about Harajuku, its about re-affirming our support for all of Japan,
and its music, fashion, and cultural vitality.

Anyways I was helping Tune in Tokyo with picture snap for the
Project with Cass. And also passing out the “MIGHTY HARAJUKU” button/pin . n__n
I had a wonderful time with everyone~ I even got to meet with Marie Amy !!!
FINALLY!!! lol ....She is super cute and sweet!!! LOVE HER!
For sure we will be kicking it soon! YAY!!!!

Now ~these picture I took it from Marie Amy.... I love her camera!!!! *w*

For more Info on: "MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project"
For more Info on: "Tune in Tokyo"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens Review ( Shoppingholics )

Today I will be reviewing the...
EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens
I bought it at Shoppingholics like always....
They are really helpful and nice....
And top of that, they hook me up !!! *3* he he
Cant go wrong with that..... n__n Thanks Shoppingholics!!!

EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens
Brand: EOS
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

This lens stands out a lot cuz... its a bright Violet even if
you have dark eyes like me. 14.0mm so its not as big but
still bigger than my real eye pupil. This lens give the soft look
which is nice~ n_n Its gives some what a natural look even tho Violet
is NOT a natural color~

I really love them... its so far my favorite Violet color lens. *3*
Its really bright violet. Its really a cute color. For sure this color
is purple on the eyes!

This lens is really comfortable! I could wear it all day and it would be just fine.
Its 14.0mm so its not as big so its even more comfortable then the other big lens.
Conffy conffy conffy. LoL

With out make up. Right eye with lens.

Right eye with lens and natural color make up.

Both with lens and purple make up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Galifornia Adventure day~

Good time N Disney Land!!!

I had such a wonderful time with everyone~
I like to thank everyone that came to the meet.
I had so much fun with you guys!!!! And love every moment of it!! n__n
And tons of people notice us and loved how we looked.
Everyone's outfit was really cute and fun!
I think its really nice and fun when we have theme outfits.
You get to look at how everyone did their outfits.
Makes you feel like your are part of the group even more~
Anyways~hope you like the lil gift i give you even tho its really nothing~
Hope next time more gals could come to the meet. I really would like to
have like a HUGE meet with gals that lives in L.A. area~
Cuz.. I know there is tons but some how its hard to get everyone together~ :(
Wonder why? Why is it??? I guess i need to keep trying... n__n
I never stop! lol.... ha ha

Sorry guys I look like SHIT...LOL I was stress a lot before
the meet......and top of that I'm ugly~so next time try to look better~

I have more pic on my facebook! If u want to see more~