Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 NEW circle lenses (shoppingholics.com) GIVEAWAY form ( http://agejoperfect.blogspot.com/ )

I been ask been ask to do a review for circle lenses from the
shoppingholics.com week ago.
And I was really glad to do some. n_n
So today I got a package from them.
3 NEW circle lenses ! Which is...

*Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Green
*Japan Barbie Circle Eye(Ring)-Gray
*Dali Extra Green Circle Lens

I cant wait to try them on with my nice make up and hair....
Sorry , I would do them today,but... since I got off work,
I look like shit. So Ill do the review ASAP! ~ n_n

Then today I decided to get 3 more lens.
Since I have been a good girl~ LOL
I should be getting the lens with in 1 to 2 weeks.
Cant wait to get it !!! *3* So excited !!! lol
This is the ones Im going to be getting them soon.

*Princess Mimi/Bambi Chocolate Brown Lens

*Japan Barbie Eye Super Nudy 16.0mm-Green

*Adult Violet Circle Lens

I think I'm going to be make a giveaways soon. Ones I hit 300 followers.
So far I have 264 followers. n_n Hope I hit that soon~ Need to come
up with a cute idea for my giveaway~ YAY!!!!

Anyways...talk about a giveaway~ GIVEAWAY form
( http://agejoperfect.blogspot.com/ )
She has a REALLY cute ass giveaway right now~
Pink vs. Purple which is really cute idea~ I hope I GET IT! *3*
I would be soooooo HAPPY!!!! lol such a cute stuff....my gosh~
Deadline 4/4/2011 23:59