Saturday, January 15, 2011

MY NEW BLOG LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T soo happy~

Have you notice something new about my blog??? ITS A NEW BLOG DESIGN!!! he he ^3^ Thanks to Emi Marie !!!!! She is the best!!!! So last time on my last blog I ask everyone if anyone would help me PIMP out my blog~ And she came quickly to pimp my blog~ n_n Basically I told her how I wanted to look on my blog~ Like colors and styles....with in days~ She did it !!!! I really love how it came out !!!! *3* Its sooooo ME!!!! ha ha ha But its still not done yet tho... she is still working on it....n_n I told her to take her time no rush~ she could just do my blog when she is free...

I just like to THANK Emi Marie for helping with my BLOG and really taking her time and being such a sweet heart to me! Thank you 10000000000x Emi Marie!
Anyways Im going to be sending her a gift ones I go buy the stuff this week...X3 I feel so grateful so I feel like i need to give her a cute as gift! She didn't want any, but told her she better GET IT NO CHOICE! HA HA >:D
Add her blog if you like...EMI's BLOG
That her pic by the way~ she is sooo pretty *3*