Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meeting and chilling with my friends.

I had a meeting for some store the other day~ for the next event.
So i called some of my friends that lives near the area~
It was a really last min thing~ But Cindy and Stephanie
was able to come out~ n__n These two gals are such a sweet people
so i had such a wonderful time with them. We took purikura,gal chat,
taking picture,drink tea,eat cream puffs,make up and magazine
shopping also window shopping as well~ LOL We are trying to save
money here!!! ha ha ha It was such a relaxing day overall~ n___n
Next time Ill plan weeks before so all the gals could come
out and play and just be girls~ Its really good to have a girl time
EVERYONE NEED IT!!!! Im telling~ U___U It really makes you feel good.
Girls are born to do this shit! LOL You just need time for your girls.

Bathroom key~ nice one Step! LOL

stuff i got .....n__n