Friday, July 29, 2011

Make up Fun time!

Few days ago My really good friend of mine ,Yuki Mori have called me to ask if i could do makeup and hair for her photo AV web site shoot. I dont know if any of you guys knew i use to do make up and hair on the side. I guess I still do you could say~n__n Anyways I had such a wonderful time. It was really fun dressing her up and doing her hair and make up. I let her barrow my outfits so she could rock the photo shoot. Which she did. :) She looked super sexy and cute! You guys dont even know~ I also have met Jay Allan the photographer for my first time. Such a chill , funny and a nice guy. He did such a wonderful job on the photos. He been doing this for 15 years photographing naked women. He also dose other types of photos too.
This is his web site if you want to see his work.

I just notice that i miss making people sexy and pretty.....
I love seeing people happy and feel good about them self~
It really make me feel good that i have make them feel that way~
I use to do make overs all the time. Maybe I should start doing that again soon~
I guess next time ill show you my before after pic of my friends from long time ago. ;D

Yuki was thanking me sooo much cuz she really REALLY
love the way the make up came out.
She said that alot of people dont know how to do her make up
for some reason....she said maybe cuz she has a Japanese face so
it might be hard for the other none Asian to do her make.
She loves gyaru make so I guess im the only person that could do that.
I even let her barrow my half wig and all the outfits. It was too much fun
making the choices for her.... She was my real live barbie .*W* he he
She said everything was up to me. AWWWW~ Because i did every thing how i wanted...
It came out FANTASTIC !!!! WE all were shock how it ended up looking at the end.
Fuck'n DOLL!!!! ;)

1st shoot was gal Lolita.
Yes.... i have only 2 Lolita outfit. And let her use it.

I was inspired by the ageha magazine....
We love gyaru mag!!!!

Next was shoot was with Yukata......
Yes, its mines too...n__n

Here is a lil sneak peek for now.....
More pic coming soon...
Model by Yuki
Photo by Jay Allan
Make-up By ME, Michi

Monday, July 25, 2011

More B-day gift and more random.... :)

Hey hey...... Sorry busy again....been going out over the place.
But anyways~ I just want to post other gift that i have from my b-day~
Hiromi got me this cute ass gift. really cute item.Very sweet gift. *3*
Oh oh... also my godchild b-day was last weekend.
She just turn 1 yr. She was really cute! It was a Minnie theme.
I let her barrow my minnie ears. :P

Hiromi made me a lovely card.
It was really sweet what she wrote. *W*

And the bad ass gift.

Photo that we took last time and Hiromi and Jeremy put them together
too sweet. And Jeremy took the pic. thanks homieeee! :P

3 of them....... cool huh?

This gift is from my work..... a big ass home made card!

When you open the card.......
All the kids wrote me a lil b-day wishes..... n___n
Look at my dog on the left side..... he didn't want to move.
He wanted to be in the picture

My godchild. my lil girl~
OMG SOOOO FUCK'N CUTE! *3* lol.....

I give her a pink horse. cuz i know i would like to have one
if i was lil. lol.... That was her Fav. gift. So im glad i giver her that.

Her Cake!!!!! soooooooooo yummy~

Sorry not a clear was night time.
I was about to go out.

And the other day, i was cleaning my room, and I found this....
My old ass Japanese backpack when i used to use when i was in
1st grade and 2 end grade. Makes me Miss the old days~ u__u
It even still have my name on it. My mom would but put my name on
EVERYTHING as you can see~ XD lol...

OMG...... I have soo many thing to blog about sooo backed up...
Hope I'm going to have time to post and post pic this week....
I guess that's it for now......I have to go to sleep.....
I have to help out a friend for her photo shoot tomorrow and go to work.
I will be dressing her up,make up and doing hair.
Its going to be a long day, so night night guys! n___n

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make-Up Madness....

Friend of mine took a pic of me falling asleep.
All the hard work looking for my perfect make up
drain me

I have been super lazy these past day to post on my blog...
I think its cuz it has been super hot in L.A. Makes me slow down
a bit. LoL Also~I think this past 2 weeks, I over shop....not good at all....
I better chill-lax on shopping this month. I have bought so many make up
and outfits and all that good stuff...Im like soooooo~Hella broke!!! lol
I still need to take picture of all the stuff i have bought so i could show.....
but for now I'm going to post pic of all the make up I have bought. n__n

Super happy that i bough sum make. I was running super LOW......
How did i let this happen??? I should never wait till last min!!!

Neon Sparkle palette (Santee)

(Perfect Ten colors) A! Absolute
Palette eye shadow-Chameleon

I use Perfect Ten colors green color with Neon
Sparkle palette green. And it makes this....

NYX Blush Cinnamon Im IN LOVE!!!! I love that color~
It has a nice orange color. with flash the color might be lighter
but in person or with out flash its nice bright color. n__n

NYX Blush Cinnamon with flash.

NYX Blush Cinnamon

I bought these in Sephora.
Top: Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick .Bare Escentuals.
Bottom: PRODUCTS BY Hello Kitty

All types of Eyeliners.....

Same order as the top one....

I will review the makeup when i get the chance this week.
So keep your eye on my blog for the reviews soon. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

❤ Lovely Birthday ❤

On July 8 was my 26 Birthday~ OMG..... Im like hella old.....
and its not even funny. U__U I wish i was getting younger.
I least I look like 19 or 20 Im will be young at heart....Forever YOUNG
DAMN IT!!!! lol.....
On my b-day @ work ,I had all 200 kids from work, sang me a happy birth day song....I never had 200 people singing b-day to me in my life. Omg.....I was hella shy. Doesn't feel lil akward when people singing b-day to u? Feels like it takes too long to finish. After all.....My b-day weekend it was a relaxing B-day.
When out with family and boyfriend for the most of it.......
But this week is going to be with my friends so im pretty excited...*3*
Anyway.... I just like to thank everyone that took their time to wish me a B-day. I feel really happy to see all my comments from FB and twitter. When i saw the b-day comments, it made me warm inside. *3* Thank you sooooo much everyone ,Really~ you guys made my day. :)

Omg this cake was the best !!!!! I need more cake!

lol we look funny here....

Me and Adri about to go dinner.

more b-day sweets.yummy.

They even had a fireworks outside where i had my dinner.
Its was because i had the same b-day as the city of Burbank.
So they had some crazy ass fireworks which was wonderful to see.

Now the fun part ...... my b-day gifts!!!
My man bought me a notebook and alot more other stuff.....
Its super cute and small. Just how i want it. now all
I need to do it Deco the notebook.

Also got me some lashes....... He know what i really want.

I have other gifts but ill post it next time.... n__n