Sunday, April 24, 2011

❤ ℳy NEW hair color ❤

YAY!!!! I Finally colored my hair purple on Fri !!!
Like I said on my last post... I went to my friends house
and we had a girls beauty day~ lol We did each others
hair.... too bad we couldn't do our nails and other stuff~ U__U
We ended up just doing our hairs, cuz it took longer then we thought.
I guess next week we could do nails!!!! XD
Anyways... I had so much fun with my friends....
Its really good to spend some time with people you love.
Im so glad I have some wonder friends in my life ❤ ;D
Thanks guys ! n__n

So I basically used everything on my hair...LOL
For the purple hair I used...

Punky Colours
N' Rage
Manic Panic

I wanted to see and try out each color individually but I didn't...U__U
Sorry~ I think it's cuz.... I was super HIGH on all the hair chemicals...LOL
We were trap in side the bathroom....and all of us "DID" color our hairs~ HA HA HA
Soooo yaaa.... I ended up mixing all colors at ones.... ha ha ha I guess next time
I will do it individually..... ;P My bad..... But however ,I love how the color
came out. so bright and lovely! n_n Ohhh thanks to the bleach also.
couldn't done with out you !!!!!!! ha ha

Before I color my hair~ I beach it of course.....
When I beach my red hair, my hair turn to light pink ....
which was really cool so I had to take a pic.

When I blow dry it.... Waaaaaa~ so nice huh? :D

NOW!!!!! PURPLE TIME !!!!!!!!!! LOL

So this is how it looks now ~ n__n

It's a dark purple~ I want it lil lighter but its ok for now cuz I know my hair will
fade out very soon when I wash my hair....But I still love the color alot!!!
Really cute!!! yay!!!!! Soooo HAPPY !!!!! :D

I always need to change my looks...I really do~ U___U
I get bored easily .....Can't never stay to one thing~
I need to keep changing my looks often as I can.
I must keep my self entertain and happy as possible!
I think its fun to be open to any looks~
Don't be sacred to try anything !!!!
Cuz u might love it. I think the key to loving your looks is...
just be confident to what ever you do and it would be
just fine! Don't doubt your your looks too much.... the more you looking
for the bad things the more it shows! In some way~ you need to be care less...
And be like.... "Fuck it"..... :)
I'm saying all this cuz , because lot of people been asking... "Why any hair color
looks good on you?" I really don't think so~I think anyone could pull off any color.
That's just how i think.... But really, its about how you carry your self .