Thursday, May 19, 2011

New boughts....n__n

So.... stuff I bought with in 2 to 3 weeks ago~
I know I need to save money.... But i can't help it!!!
LOL.... Thanks to my stupid gyaru magazines !!! DAMN YOU!!!
I really do HATE going to the mall tho~
I was suppose to buy ONLY kids gifts on that day, and
I ended up buying shit for my self too~ XD
But my man sure did help me buy my outfits~
Thanks BABY!!!!!! he he he Im sooo BAD!!!!

In this pic, the item is from Forever 21.

Forever 21 too.... cute gyaru ish nails~

Now.... in this pic.... the stuff i got it from is H&M.


And this one I got it at ....Urban outfitters.

sorry guys~;3
I will try to blog more fun /cool stuff soon~ I know i been some what LAME~LOL
I just have a lot of shit going on around this time.
But i do have a lots of good ideas to blog about...
but for sure coming soon!!!