Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make-Up Madness....

Friend of mine took a pic of me falling asleep.
All the hard work looking for my perfect make up
drain me

I have been super lazy these past day to post on my blog...
I think its cuz it has been super hot in L.A. Makes me slow down
a bit. LoL Also~I think this past 2 weeks, I over shop....not good at all....
I better chill-lax on shopping this month. I have bought so many make up
and outfits and all that good stuff...Im like soooooo~Hella broke!!! lol
I still need to take picture of all the stuff i have bought so i could show.....
but for now I'm going to post pic of all the make up I have bought. n__n

Super happy that i bough sum make. I was running super LOW......
How did i let this happen??? I should never wait till last min!!!

Neon Sparkle palette (Santee)

(Perfect Ten colors) A! Absolute
Palette eye shadow-Chameleon

I use Perfect Ten colors green color with Neon
Sparkle palette green. And it makes this....

NYX Blush Cinnamon Im IN LOVE!!!! I love that color~
It has a nice orange color. with flash the color might be lighter
but in person or with out flash its nice bright color. n__n

NYX Blush Cinnamon with flash.

NYX Blush Cinnamon

I bought these in Sephora.
Top: Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick .Bare Escentuals.
Bottom: PRODUCTS BY Hello Kitty

All types of Eyeliners.....

Same order as the top one....

I will review the makeup when i get the chance this week.
So keep your eye on my blog for the reviews soon. :)