Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ShibuyaLa Grand Opening Party!!! EVENT

OMG GUYS~ Im sooo BACKED UP on my blog...U____U"
I have so much to blog about...its not even joke. >.<
I been so busy with work ,event and life its hard to keep up with a blog.
Anyways .... ShibuyaLa Grand Opening Party hosted by Kimimela was success as always!!!
ShibuyaLA's second store just open! Really super cute store~ the second store has just underwear ,Bras and pajamas. When you walk in there you are just like......"OMG.........WOW". LOL
In pictures it looks nice but in person its even more nicer. :) I'm so happy that a lot of gals was able to make it to the event. I just like to say thank you everyone! Even tho i didn't have a chance to chill/relax with the girls as much since I was all over the damn place trying to make sit happen.LOL It was all worth it tho~ ;)

220 W Valley #104 San Gabriel CA 91776

I wont post to many pic. I 'm sure you seen it all over online anyways~

The owner to the Shibuyala shop, Elly .

Me and my home gal Tricia.

My lil gal sis Nana and me.

So my black wig was getting me really hot, so i let Hiromi barrow it.LOL

I don't know WTF is wrong with me on this pic. LOL but
I like this pic.

I met Anz for my first time... she is super sweet! *3*

After hard work..... finally eating with friends!
LOL fooling around while waiting for food..XD
man... I had so much fun!

Just me.....

Can't wait for the next Kimimela event!
More events coming soon!!! :)