Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 Junction LA fashion show!

Last week I was in charge of the Shibuya theme fashion show
 Called Junction LA 2012.
A friend of mind was doing a fashion show and he ask me if i wanted to join him.
I was like..." Fo SHOW!!!! ;)
Since he knows I LOVE gal fashion he ask me if I would like to do
Shibuya theme line up.
You know me , I am soooo down to do Gal fashion show any given time! XD LOL...
SO I ask my friend Elly the owner of the shop 
to ShibuyaLA if she would like to join me in the fashion show.
Cuz she is the only one I know that sale real
Japanese gal brands in LA.
Anyways... I ask all my sexy ass gal friends if they can be a models for the show. :)
My friend ask me last min so I didn't have that much time to plan.
But the fashion show came out really awesome!
All the girls look hella kawaii !!!
I even ask my 3 lil girls to be part of the show.
They also rock that floor just like the big girls.
I was hella busy but, I had a wonderful time.

I just like to thank Taka for letting me have this opportunity.
You are such a cool ass guy, love you for that, you are the best!
Thanks to Elly the shop owner to ShibuyaLA for letting us use
your outfits for the show. Like always~ >.> LOL
You are the sweetest!
Thanks to all the models that was part of this fashion show!
Sorry it was last min. >.< 
But you guys rock that stage, looking all fuck'n HOT!
You guys are super beautiful gals! xoxo

Just... thank u thank u thank u!!!!!

Im sooooo stupid that I forgot to bring my camera....
So I took some pictures from my ipad....looks like shit. >.>
Some of them are from Elly camera.
Ones I get the event photo ill post it asap! ;)

This is the only pic I took on this day.
I didn't want people taking pic of me 
cuz I looked like shit on this day. XD
I was more worrying about the girls then me~ ;P

 the lil gals models. sooo cute!!! *3*

Bye bye for now~ ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

XD Nation x Shibuya la fashion show.

2 weeks ago~ 
I have helped out my friend Elly with a fashion show.
Helped on hair and makeup.
It was really fun!!!
 All the models was super sexy and cute!
A lot of my friends  was modeling
which made the event even better for me! ;)
Here is few picture I took.
I don't own all of the picture just 
so you guys know, its my friends lovely photo. ;)

My make up on this day.....
 ME in the car about to drive.....which i hate. LOL