Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello everyone!!!
Upcoming event this weekend !!!
Are you ready for......

When: Sunday, September 9 2012
 Where: 12322 Exposition Blvd, West L.A. CA 90064
Opens: 12:20pm
Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm
$5 at door (No Ticket) Free under 12

I will be working at this event this Sunday!
I am working  on the line up  or the Japanese "Harajyuku/Shibuya" style.
Some of us gals will be modeling for the "Harajyuku/Shibuya" fashion show section.
Hope to see you guys there!
Remember ... Everyone is welcome to go to this event ! So come join us!!!

If you want to take a look how its going to be check this out! 
This was last year~

• 50's, 60s' Style
• Japanese "Harajyuku,Shibuya" style.

Japanese hair & makeup and fashion students from Japan
will come to LA to join fashion & art event called “Junction LA” for exchanging LA art culture.

Organized in collaboration with L.A.-based artists (Hair & Makeup, Designer, Photographer, Model), and event promoters, “Hollywood Fashion Show” promises to be a forward-thinking event celebrating sophisticated talent in an innovative, multi-cultural format.

Like the FB Junction page:

See you guys there everyone! ;)

Event planning and yummies....

Day 6

On this day I had to meet with my friend so we could plan for a fashion show.
Since Kayo was with me ( like always ), I drag her ass with me to the meeting. lol
We had our meeting at.. "AMANDINE" in west LA area. Its a Japanese bakery place!
You know I'm soooo DOWN for that shit!  *3*
 She got to talk to my friend about what she has been doing.
We had a really fun chat with him.
Did some lil business work then eat some wonderful Japanese style cakes!
Aahhh~ HAVEN ~ LOL *^*
I couldn't help my self so after we were done with everything I bought
more pastries for my man and my family.
 Also went out to all you can eat K-BBQ for dinner. ;)
Kayo can EAT!!!! 0___0 No really... Not just drinking but food too!!!
My godd.....That women always surprises me every time.


Tea time with Gals !


I wanted Kayo to meet more gals in LA so I took her to see San Gabriel area.
We went to Shibuya LA so she can see all the gals outfits~
After we decided to go to Tea Station to get drinks and some food.
After hanging out with the gals we wanted to just chill and hang out at my place.
Went swimming at my pool at night.
For some reason we were really hyper. LOL
We did some funny video cuz ....humm??? IDK!? Cuz we are awesome like that!!! ;P
HA HA HA.....
 Over all.... It was really chill and fun day.

See ya! ;)