Monday, December 13, 2010


☆⌒(>。 ≪) HOLIDAY HOT MESS ★ ★ Tuesday , 21 DECEMBER @ ROYAL/T ★ ★ Brands like JSG, Rodeo Crowns, Valentine's High, Maison Gilfy, & of course VENTI*ANNI !! Tune in Tokyo & *DIAMOND* GYARUSA host the show to close 2010 in style, sponsored by Star Couture !! Global Pop Party, H.NAOTO RELEASE SCREENING, PARAPARA, DIG JELLY LIVE PERFORMANCE, & MORE ♥ Doors open @ 8p, $10/ticket ♥ ♥ Cheers to the holiday ♥
see the event page for more info~

Tune in Tokyo and Diamond Gal Circle announce our first holiday party at Royal/T Cafe and Artspace, “HOLIDAY HOT MESS”! Join us for a night of Japanese Gal and Punk fashion, J-Pop and ParaPara dances, a performance by rock band Dig Jelly, and tons of holiday fun at LA’s most beautiful and cutting edge cafe and art gallery!

HOLIDAY HOT MESS spotlights the Gyaru (or “Gal”) fashion movement that developed in Japan’s Shibuya neighborhood and other trendy locations in Tokyo. Diamond, a national Gyaru-Sa (or “Gal Circle) will host the event, which will include a holiday fashion show by STAR COUTURE, exclusive U.S. distributor for Venti Anni, and other activities that will introduce the world of GAL fashion to LA!

Punk fashion will be represented as well, with leading Japanese label h.NAOTO presenting a video of their latest TOKYO COLLECTION, and offering prizes from their Hangry & Angry, SIXh. and h.NAOTO lines for “best dressed” There will also be door prizes from JapanFiles Digital Music Store, and Japanese culture blog Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi!

This is your opportunity to express and celebrate your love of Japanese Gal and Punk fashion! We’ll be offering a dramatic glimpse into Gal life and fashion in Tokyo, but you can also show us what kind of Japanese fashion inspires you! Feel free to dress up! Shibuya and Harajuku street fashion is encouraged (but of course, not required).

This trip into Gyaru subculture wouldn’t be complete without PARAPARA, the driving, Eurobeat-informed, syncronized dance from Japan best known through video games like “ParaParaParadise”. Special guest DJ Yuki will be spinning the best in ParaPara tracks, with routines demonstrated for newcomers!

Dig Jelly, the Los Angeles based hard rock band fronted by Japanese vocalist Rayko, will take the stage later in the evening. The Tune in Tokyo DJs will also be dropping J-Pop, K-Pop, and Global Dance throughout the night.

In addition, partygoers will have two great options for getting photographed in their holiday best! Cosplay in America creator and photographer Ejen Chuang will be shooting portraits, and we’ll also have a $2 mistletoe instant photo booth!

Royal/T will also be offering a limited light menu (at an additional charge). Menu and prices to be announced.

Admission for the event is $10. All ages are welcome!

This is the Gal Fashion and J-Pop event of the year! It’s your chance to be both naughty and nice! Join LA’s only Japanese & Global Pop DJ Unit Tune in Tokyo, and Diamond Gyaru-Sa for HOLIDAY HOT MESS!

Visit our Facebook event page to RSVP, and for additional details!

About Tune In Tokyo

Tune in Tokyo is a global pop DJ unit established by Indie club promoters Del Martin and Greg Hignight.The Tune in Tokyo team, also featuring DJs Tora, Ally, and Leett spin a variety of club and dance rock tracks from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, the U.K., and across the world. In addition to their residency at 2nd Street, Tune in Tokyo has appeared at the Royal/T Maid Cafe, Kira Kira, Gallery Nucleus, the Echoplex, the LA Weekly’s showcase event LA Weekend, and co-produced Cure Magazine’s Mini Live featuring Satsuki and Papillon. For more information about Tune In Tokyo, please visit

About Diamond Gyaru-Sa

GYARU-kei in America has exploded with style & charisma! DIAMOND Gyaru-Sa, modeled on the original Japanese gal-circles, sets the new standard for the States-based GAL fashion scene & summits. For more information, please visit!

About Star Couture

STAR COUTURE provides the newest fashion trends from Japan, introducing major 109 trendy labels weekly. Star Couture is the SINGLE official distributor of the VENTI ANNI collection in the US. VENTI ANNI, with its ultraglam taste and near-impossibility of access in the States, is a must-have shoe collection as seen in gyaru-bibles like BLENDA, VIVI, & more. More information at

About h.NAOTO

“h.NAOTO” made his debut in 2000. Resonating to the ideas of extreme “punk,” he expanded his unique fashion views while incorporating Japanese subcultures such as gothic lolita and visual-kei. The collections, filled with originality, gained positive critiques and praise from Japan and overseas artists and musicians. Later, the h.NAOTO collection added character-based CHANNEL H and HANGRY&ANGRY, with the culture of “cute” anime or video game costume plays as their theme. In 2005, with the collaborative collection of fashion and art, “hEAVEN” was started. H.NAOTO has also produced the new brands such as the mens’ category shop “h” with street feels of biker, worker, and military, and the shop “8club” with sexiness and cuteness as the image. Without being limited to a single category, the brand h.NAOTO endlessly seeks for a new world, and will continue to multiply diversely, and deepen. h.NAOTO will open a US webshop in fall 2010. For more information, please visit

About Cosplay in America

“Cosplay in America” is a 272 page hardcover photography book by Ejen Chuang, filled with 260 cosplayers from around the United States, that calls “a lovely art book that captures the spirit of fun, camaraderie and creativity of the North American cosplay community.” Ejen continues to document cosplayers at conventions throughout the year. For more information, please visit

About Dig Jelly

Dig Jelly, fronted by female Rock ‘n’ Roll wild child Rayko, has been described as “Energetic, hook-driven, mind-blowingly, in-your-face modern rock with a lethal dose of pop.” Featuring the alluring Japanese-born singer-songwriter/guitarist/pianist on lead vocals and piano who one critic acclaims, “Possesses the pipes to belt it out and scream with the best of them,” Dig Jelly are ready to take the world by storm with the release of Predicate! For more information, please visit or

About Royal/T

Royal/T is a playful blending of café, concept shop and art exhibition space. The space reflects the interior realm of fantasy that strongly influences the artists included in owner Susan Hancock’s collection. Royal/T Cafe is inspired by the meido kissa (maid café) phenomena of Akihabara—Tokyo’s electronic district. Recontextualizing the underground culture of Japan that celebrates cosplay (costume play) waitresses dress in maid uniforms, with a Lolita-esque touch and the café serves a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine with local and organic California style. The art space showcases curated exhibitions with a focus on Japanese contemporary art; and an inventive concept store emulates the collections’ sophistication—a fusion of pop culture and high-end design. For more information, please visit

Additional Sponsors

JapanFiles Digital Music Store

Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi