Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Save the date for ★GAL-OWEEN★

 Tricia is modeling for the flyer again!

Tune in Tokyo announces "GAL-OWEEN" at 2nd Street Jazz on 
Friday, October 12th, featuring musical guests APOCALIPSTICK!

Admission is $10, ages 15+ (ID required). A $5 drink ticket is included with cover. 
The event runs from 8:30 PM - 2 AM.

Halloween costumes and Gyaru-Kei (Gal) Attire encouraged! 
We'll also be having a contest for "Best Halloween Gal"!
For more info.....

For this event I'm not hosting it so it should be really nice
and chill for me. n__n Cuz every Gal Halloween party, I Always host it
and im busy and stress out! XD
This year I can actually  kick it with my gal friends and do shit with them!
Fuck ya!!!! 

What should I Be?????? OMG I have no idea..... U_______U
I better come up with some kind of outfit! @___@
What are you guys going to be for Halloween????
Im so excited to see everyone, how they are going to dress~

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