Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some of you might don't know whos BENI...
Shes in kawaii tv.
Here is some pick with some gals~
She is in the middle~

Anyways~I went to AX this year~ it was ok....>.> But BENI concert was the shit!
the only reason i went to AX was BENI concert. XD ha ha
she is WAY TOO GOOD!!!!! Her songs her looks and everything about her~
I Got to even record her concert and take pictures~ because we cant
take pic or video~ but my frined Mie's friend had the press pass so she let
use use it! which the was da blast!!!! LOL I feel really lucky. I even got to
talk to her in person and got me a sign. I WAS HELLA HAPPY!!!!! *3*


  1. I'm a new follower, hello! ^^ I'm bummed I missed the Beni concert, I was upset she was just the opening act. ; ; I love that Stitch kigu!

  2. did you go to the AX???? but it was still good concert tho~ hope i could see her again~T^T anyways nice to meet you honey~ n_n