Friday, October 1, 2010

Im a Godmother =)

Few weeks ago me and my man was asked to be a Godparents. My man and i was really glad and honored to me a Godparents~ n_n I see my godchild everyday~ =P I act like she is my real child~ XD LOLI by too much stuff for her~ he he he This is what i do to my godchild~ XD

I put candies on her head.

I put my prisila bangs on her head.
(before) (After)

cute picture huh????? *3* more funny pic to come!!!! XD
I cant wait to have my own~ soon soon~ maybe in 1yr. or 2yr.~ n_n


  1. lmao @ the pic with the bangs!
    And congrats :P

  2. LOL I know right? lol thanks honey!

  3. omg so kute love....hahaha yr ganna be and is a good godmother! haha