Monday, November 15, 2010

Sanrio V.I.P. event

Im really glad that i was invited to the sanrio
V.I.P. event!!! n_n Thanks YOU!!!!
Anyways I had so much fun cuz the V.I.P event was
the only day of FREE stuff on EVERYTHING!!!! *3*
Like food , drinks ,photo booth and all that fun stuff.
Im hoping im going to the other sanrio event soon!

I only took lil pic cuz i forgot my camera at home~ >o<
wish i took tons~ =(

The last 4 pic are from sanrio blog~

Happy b-day Sanrio !!!!!


  1. Oh man it looks sooo cute and fun! I've loved Sanrio since ...forever! XD The huge balloons from the ceiling look really cool. Argh I wish I could have gone there and hung with you!

  2. I wish I could go!! T__T Damn, the new venue is so big! Way different from Royal/T. xD

  3. sara mari~ iknow~ you should come sometimes!!!! ill show u some good time in LA!!!!!
    Tricia~ Iknow! like 100x wayyyyy big!
    i wish u went~ hey u going to the sat one?