Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!! n_n

hey hey every one!!! this Tue is going to be our holiday event!!!
OMG~ CANT WAIT!!!!! >.< I have tons of last min shit to do~
Im going crazy~ i really cant wait to take a break >.> so tired~
more INFO for the event~
Better see you guys there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways....Knowing me I might not have time to wish everyone
a wonderful Christmas or Holidays so~

"Have a wonderful Xmas everyone!!!!"

ok~ now time for xmas pics!!!!lol more coming soon!

I have lil x~mas gyaru pic i would like to spam!
so hope you guys enjoy~ n_n


  1. Love Morimayu! Happy Holiday Michi!

  2. Yaay~ can't wait to see you there~~!! (゜∇゜)

  3. Argh, how I wish I could go to the Hot Mess event!!! I swear someday I'm gonna get a job so I can travel more.

    You look so beautiful, and I love the puri with Valentine^^

    Thanks for the super cute gyaru christmas spam, it made me have a more festive mood XD

  4. HYappy Holidays to you too hun! And I hope the party will be a blast! <3

    -Luv Nami

  5. MEI!!!!!!!!! It was nice seeing you!!! lets hang out soon!!!!!!!! miss you~

  6. SaraMari~ want to meet you soooooo bad too!!!!!! >.< one day for sure!!!!

  7. Osakabrownsuga~ I will ~you have a good one too honey!