Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks guys~ I was nominated for best gal eye make!

Thanks you so much everyone !!!
I was nominated for best gal eye make from
" Gaijin Gyaru Awards "
Thanks Lhouraii for letting me know the info!
I feel so grateful for this. Its really wonderful for being nominated
for GGA. Because of this, I will do my best
to try my make up even harder and get better !!!
GGA reminds me of like a year book....X3 A gal year book.
Best smile, best hair, most popular and soo
Maybe I should make a gal year book some day~?
Ones again THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone !!!
Good luck for those that was nominated in GGA.
If you did vote for me, thanks so much! :D For those that haven't
voted yet... You should vote! really fun!
Ohhh ya~and VOTE for me if you like..... n__n
GOOD LUCK & have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!! ✌&

See the video for the nominees !!!

To VOTE go here " Gaijin Gyaru Awards "


  1. I think your eye make is amazing!
    I obviously vote for u~

  2. Awww that is sooo sweet of you! thanks you so much honey! *A*

  3. I voted for you aswell! ^__^ Love your makeup

  4. Your eye make up is awesome *_*
    Congrats for be nominate ^^
    Votin' for u

  5. I love your make up so much!!
    it´s so amazing!!! ^__________________^
    congratulations for the nomination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aw, you deserve it and so much more!! ^o^ I love your makeup!

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  8. Hi dear~~!! <3
    Thank you for posting in my blog!! *__* Do you understand spanish? I hope so! ;___;
    Anyway,I really want to write in english too, but I think I'll have a lot of mistakes, and that's very embarrasing for me! T__T Maybe some day I'll try...xD

    CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE NOMINATIOON!! I really think you deserve it! <3

    Kisses!! *3*

  9. Waaaa I love your eye make up!!~ Im a new follower!! Congrats on your nomination~

  10. OMG~ I really love your eye make up! *¬*
    Congratulations for your nomination!! :D

    I follow you now!!!

    Sorry, my english is so bad! D:

  11. No surprise there honey.
    You always look gorgeous!