Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gaijin Gyaru Awards~ Thanks!

WOW !!!! Who knew?????? OMG tho~
I Sound soo dumb and look stupid !!!! LOL
Soooooo embarrassing !!!! EWwwww~ Ha ha ha
But anyways.... Thanks everyone for voting me, big time!
I would never thought I would win something like this.
Thanks guys ...Really~ n__n
And congratulations to the people who won ! Win or with out ....
Everyone in the the GGA is really beautiful and wonderful !
So Keep up the good work guys~

" JPy 2011 spring magazine "

Ohhh another thing.......
Last time i was look at the JPy magazine the other day.
And GUESS what I saw???
Are winter event "HOLIDAY HOT MESS" was on the
magazine~ For the Party Report .... How COOL is that~
Look at the pic!

I scan them the other day~

Awww look at the sexy ass girls~ n__n

I really cant wait to have another event soon !!!!
Even tho making and planning events can be very stressful~
I still enjoy doing them. LOL ... I get to meet wonderful people
And get to do a lot of fun things. Its such a wonderful
experience! I LOVE IT! *3*

For more info on " JPy website "
And also...."JPy facebook"


  1. Congrats on the win! :D And your speech was really good. Not dumb at all XD

  2. Congrats loove!! You deserve it ❤ and congrats to everyone else too~ and you sound fiine girl.

    Aw! It's so great that you guys get featured on JPy! Look forward to your upcoming events ☆ (゜∇゜)

  3. Maria May
    Aww thyanks for making me feel better!!! >.<

    Ya i cant wait to make one soon~ and u better be there!!!!!!!!!! *3*

  4. OMG!! Congrats!! So happy for you! You deserve it!! <3

  5. Jendee
    aww really? you really thank so???? aww thanks honey!

  6. Congrats! I'm happy to hear that you won! :D Your make up is always awesome! You deseve it!

  7. Congrats! You definitely deserved to win. I personally am really inspired by your make-up style, it's fabulous!

  8. Congrats on winning in GGA! You really deserved it ^^ <3 I really admire your makeup :D

  9. Yaya + Meri
    Aww thanks honey that meant so much to me~ >.<

    Strawberry Cupcake
    Really!???? when i get a web cam ill do the makeup tutorials!!!!

    Lizzie ♥
    Thanks my dear! Ill do my best to get better and better!

  10. Congrats dear!!! You absolutely deserve it!!! *o* your make up is always gorgeous!!!!

  11. girliee I was sooo happy for you winning your like my make up gal idol! <3

  12. CONGRATS MICHI! Of freaking course you would own it! [:

    Pretty cool Holiday Hot Mess was mentioned in that mag :D