Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I have been doing~

What I have been up to???? Ummm let me see....???
I have been working and busting my
I work at the after school program as you guys know~
I do most of the events.... in charge of event planning ....which mean~
I plan everything & spend a lots of my own money.
Cuz I'm the only one that could only make it happen for some reason.
U__U I guess I have the WILL to do things like that??? I just can't help.
I don't really have to do it, BUT I do it....
I just want the kids to have a wonderful childhood and remember all the good times.:)
But I just get soooo frustrated and stress sometimes cuz I have to
do everything on my own.:( I dont get extra pay for events.
So I dont get anything form this.... but I do get to see all the kids having a
wonderful time and having fun. Anyways....I have plan for the kids
a event. Its like a talent show. Their will be doing Dancing, singing and paying music.
So I have been mixing music, making routines, try to go to the store to get kids outfits,
try to make a flyer.... and all that good stuff alone. lil help from my lovely boyfriend.
Supper supportive! So...after next week.... I should get a brake....
cuz the school year is over and its summer time!!! YAY!!!

Last week, me and some of the girls that is in the show,
went out to look for the outfit for the show.
Awwww~ Makes me want to have my own child. *W*
They had such a good time with me .They tried out a lot
of different outfits . It was sooo much fun. Can't wait to have my own child some day!
Im going to be such a soccer mom...... I could sooo feel it... XD lol going to see some random pic.
Stuff I have bought...
All the item @ Forever 21.

More sute stuff....

Went out to eat at some yummy ass Mexican food!
Its sooo good no joke. Taste like home cook food!

I wanted to make necklace so I did.... I seen that style in the
magazine and im like......."I could do that shit" !!! LOL

There you go!!!!

Ill take pic with a outfit and the necklace very soon~ n__n


  1. love the things you bought ne :D soo cute and nice, plus i really love the W♥C *___* kawaiii!

  2. You always buy so much everything cool ja pretty, love your shoppings! ^-^

  3. LOL! ur dancer girls are so precious!! =D
    that mexican food look SO damn good michi ;~;

  4. You are soo sweet doing all that to that children! <3 You are a wonderful gal too!

    Good luck on the talent show! <3

  5. EMi MARiE
    Thanks honey~ But i need to save money~ >.<
    Im sooo bad~ lol

    Awww soo sweet *W* thanks so much!

    They r way too cute~ >.< and yes it was hella yummy~ come out here, and join me!

    awww thanks honey~ that was really nice of you for saying that~

  6. Awwhhh Michiii, the kids must looove you hahaha. You do so much for them ❤ you know what? You deserve that break.

    I'm loving all that stuff you bought (・◇・) and that food. Mmmm sounds soooo gooooood. I got hungry looking at your picture Ψ(`∇´)Ψ

    And that necklace... you MADE it?! (°_。) 

  7. Mei
    thanks honey!!!! ya i really like them alot! better see u soon!

  8. You'd be the best gal mama swear! So cute <3