Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey hey guys~ Not DEAD !!! lol.....

Hello everyone~ long time no see..... U__U
Sorry guys..... I have been super busy with events and work and life...
I haven't had the chance to post blogs, look at blogs or event be
active online. Anyways..... This few weeks I have done so much!
I shall post them .... he he First Ill post about AX 2011.
I was at AX to help out some friends of mind for
Vocaloid-inspired fashion show .
I did the models makeup! I had so much fun with the event~
It was grate seeing everyone at AX.
Ha ha Remember Tricia at the AX....? that guy that kept us in the room...>.>
fuck'n crazy~ LOL too funny tho and weird.....
Long story short...............lol

Tricia and I was working at AX doing survey. Since we
were doing the survey on the coolest pad. We had to
return the pad back .And this funny guy that works at
AX didnt want us to leave the room... for some reason.......
he would keep saying that he would let us go if we do this and that....
It was just too funny and so random....XD

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  1. very nice photos!
    The blue wig is so catchy! ♥

    AND I love your make-up, how always!

  2. beauties like always!

  3. beautiful as always!!!!!
    i have been so busy too...that shit T.T

  4. Looks great ^^ Maybe I should try turquoise hair hmmmm =D

  5. they look soo cute michi and you look glam/smexy :) Im happy you had fun, looks like fun :)

    xoxo emimarie

  6. Hahaha, I saw these on fb~ you ladies are haaawwwttt!! What top lashes are you using girl?

    Sad I didn't go this year, but I'll be going next year ❤

  7. You look so glamurous Michiii ;____________; I love your style and make up!!!

  8. Thanks for your assistance with the makeup darlin'! You rock!

  9. Momickey
    I know i love that wig!!! i want one!!!! >.<

    Thanks dear~ :)

    Yes yes...U___U busy bee...lol

    You should try! Would look nice!

    EMi MARiE
    AWWW thanks honey! u look good your self!

    dont worry their is always next time... dont trip! ;D

    really u like my style? thanks honey~ too sweet~

    Geeky Glamorous
    No no Thanks you!!!! the show was really cool!!!! we need to do a another fashion show!!! u and me!!! he he ..