Monday, August 8, 2011

Whats inside my make up bag.....

Hello~ Wonderful people! How has every one have been?
I have been very good. :) I was lil depress for no reason.... but it goes
on & off like a switch. LOL But I have been doing good right now~ Keeping my self busy.
Anyways ill post whats in my bag right now!
I was going to post all the names but ones again
I'm really feel lazy and got no time for that shit~ LOL
But if you comment and asking ,I will be happy to tell you. n__n

Yes i have 2 makeup bag cuz I have way too much make up.
I do try to carry less but.... that never happens sadly~

Now some random pic time....
(most of these pics are 2 to 3 weeks old. Sorry, I have been so backed up with post.)

I got this flower from my student from work.
She pick them up while she was walking to school
just for me. She is way to sweet. I do have more other gift
from my students, Ill post them next time.

I love these choco!!!! I use to eat them alot
when i use to live in Japan when i was lil.
They are sooo good! must TRY!

New Forever 21 at the mall near my house.

Bought it @ F21.

Gyaru magazine~ :) My FAV.

Cleaning my closet..... still working on it.
Next week i should have a lot more free time to
clean the room so... ones I'm done, I'll make a video and post!
So everyone could see how my room looks like. ;D
This is my closet door by the way.

I was eating a watermelon the other day ,and i saw this....
Flies were make love next to me. lol ha ha ha I just had to take a pic of this!

Sorry for the lame post . More good post coming soon!!!


  1. WAAAAAAAAAAA I love your make up ne *___*
    I change my link michi chan:
    you can find me now under:

    xoxo emimarie ♥

  2. ....those flies... wtf.
    Michi! When are we going to hang out! D< We live down the street from each other~ LOL

  3. Wahhh I love Tirol XD

    and rofl at the fly's hahaha

  4. LOL you always make me laugh with your random posts XD the fly.. LOL

    that chocolate looks soo good!!!

    and i miss your room with all the goodies !! XD cant wait to see your video!!

  5. EMi MARiE
    Thanks honey i saw it!!!! got it! love the new layout!

    IKNOW!? WTF Mie???? come over and see my ass~ lol after this fir i should be alot more free. :) hope i see you soon~

    Sami Spoon
    LOL iknow right~ too funny~

    Pinksugarichigo s
    Glad i made u feel that way~ lol I think my room miss you too!!!! I hope i see yo in Oct! we r for sure going to have a blast!!!!

  6. lol!

    i also have way too much make up, it's such a pain... makes my bag so heavy!!

    and those chocolates are yum! but so fatty... cuz you can never eat just one :p

  7. I have way too much makeup as well. I keep my "essentials" in two bags but everything else fills up tins and boxes all over my room. I can barely move for the stuff! It's really great to see what you have but it's making me want to go on a make-up shopping spree haha.

  8. HAHAHA those flies XDDDD Your shoppings always make me so jealous argh ^__^