Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kigurumi -Shop @ Gal~Loween!

Kigurumi shop is joining us with the fashion show at the Gal-loween event on Oct 26.
YOU have a Chance to win Kigurumi at the event!!! How cool is that!? SO better be there~! :)
Also, if you are looking for a Halloween costume try checking out Kigurumi shop!
You will find all types of cute kigurumi outfit that you will for sure~fall in love with!

Go check out... ( )
Kigurumi shop has FB as well~ ;) ( )

This is the one im planning to get for my self~

I will be getting my self a new kigurumi soon!!!! So excited….
I cant wait to get mine kigurumi from !!!
Its perfect for fall and winter season~
n__n Ill get mine in 2 weeks or so~ cant wait to take a pic of it.

Some kigurumi they have.
I like these item a lot! n__n

More info on the event :


  1. All the kigurumi look so cute! I'm so jelly of you Cali girls haha!

  2. Agree with Anna.
    They look so kawaii *__*

  3. Btw:
    I added your blog to my link-list ^^
    I hope this is okay for you :)

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