Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We R On...NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV !!!

On mild Sept. one of my good friend told me that some one was looking for me...
I wasn't sure what was going on.... Then I found out that Tokyo Kawaii was looking for me
for the show. I was super excited and shocked! *3* You dont even know~ I was waiting for this moment to happen!!! LOL Anyways... the NHK wanted to meet the gals in LA. I was was more than happy to show around. n__n I really like that fact that we know most of the people that has been in tokyokwawii. Its really a small world! Finally the show came out on Dec 17 2011 in Japan.
I didn't want to tell people about till I know the show came out ~ But...I wonder who's going to win the contest!!!! OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I to know want now!!!!!!!! lol....Next episode PLZZZZZZ!!!!


  1. :OOOO!!!I want to see more!!all you´re very pretty!!you can buy many things there from Japan!I´d like to have these shops in Spain >_<

  2. ahhh I saw this yesterday on NHK! ^ ^ and you!!
    I was so excited too!

    normally I watch like cooking shows on NHK so it was so exciting to watch tokyo kawaii tv! and see some of the people I follow online! *0*

    one day I want to be on tokyo kawaii tv too >w< looks like fun ♥

  3. I'm so jealous!
    I could only dream about those stores ;_;

  4. This is so cool!! It's awesome to see Japan's take on the Western Gyaru world. It's awesome that you have such a strong gyaru community in LA. :)

  5. All of you looked so beautiful!! ^__^
    And I'm jealous!!!! You are lucky to have so many japanese stores in your City!!!!
    In Germany there is nothing! ;___;
    Can't wait to see the next episode! :D

  6. Love this!
    Everyone looks adorable! <3

  7. Merry Christmas :)


  8. ahh they took it down! didn't get to see!

  9. i was really hoping to see this again </3