Saturday, January 8, 2011

Round 1 TIME!!!!!

Hey guys I finally went to round 1 with the gals~! It was really cool!!!
I love that place~ alot of things to do like....
Purikura,karaoke,ping pong,darts,bar,billiards,bowling ,arcade and UFO catcher!!
Took me a while but I GOT SOMETHING from the UFO catcher!!!!! *3*
Cant wait to go again~ n_n
If you want more info on Round 1.....
Japanese site:
U.S. site:

Anyways this is what i catch from the UFO~n_n

Inside the Round 1....

My outfit ....

A gift from xmas. boyfriend give me it! And I finally
use it on this day~ =P

Now~ purikura TIME!!!!! =)

stuff I bought in lil tokyo~
Urusei Yatsra lil bag to must my camera~

Creamy Mami lil teddy bear


  1. Oh it looks like a really nice arcade, I love to hang in arcades during meetups^^ Its so great you could catch such a cute prize!

    Say is your dress from Hot Topic? I saw that (or one just like it there) before I left the US and I debated getting it. It looks so cute on you, I wanna get it and copy you XDD

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  3. i want those rikuma !! really cute !! XD
    i love your red hair :) it look so gorgeous ♥♥

  4. Saramari~ YOU SHOULD GET IT!!!!! I say get it!!!! its really nice! I know u will look HOT on it! that's for SURE! 0.~

    noonpuppet~rikuma ~ I KNOW >.<!!!! I was really happy when i got it! he he thanks honey for the comment!

  5. michi.. wow that round one place looks soo fun! i cant believe they have something like that.. i wanna go!

    and your hair is soo vibrant in your pictures.. i hope ill be able to see it in person real soon! also you know i love your eye makeup, as usual!

    I LOVE THE COORDInATE too... your dress is soooo awesome! i want that skull print dress! gimme gimme! hahahaha

    and OMG MICHI!!! I LOVE CREAMY MAMI.. its like my favorite anime ever ... omg omg omg omg i cant believe they have a bear!! where is this place? i like that anime too .. the one on the bag you reminds me of Ranma 1/2

  6. oh no :( where did my comment go? what i put was OMG URUSEI YATSURA and CREAMY MAMI! :)

    and you gals look GAAAWWJUSSSS

  7. janis: Thanks Janis!!!! dont worry!!! ill take you here when you come to LA!!!! I MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! cant wait to see your sexy ass!!! *3*

    Juvy: Thanks my love! I know when i first saw it, I was like... I MUST GET IT!!!! *0* ha ha

  8. Ohhh!! That Korilakkuma!!! I must get it for myself!!

    Dude, I had fun for the short time I was there with you guys. Let me know next time you guys are in the area~ I'd love to hang out for longer, hahaha.

    And I have to agree with sara, that dress is drop dead gorgeous. Hot Topic? I want one tooooo ☆

  9. Is your Usamimi headband from Forever 21? I have the same one then. <3

    Also, I adore that Urusei Yatsra bag. *____*

    I have never been to Round 1, gotta go one of these days!

  10. Mei: dont worry ill for sure come soon!!! lets spend some alot more time next time!cant wait!

    Geeky Glamorous: hey honey!!! How you been!!! anyways yes, i did get F21!!!! I LOve them alot~ *3* next time come along with us to round one! you will have a grate time! honey feel free to hit me up when ever u want to hang out!!! dont be shy!!! n_n

  11. I love the two tone of your hair. It's gorgeous!