Monday, January 10, 2011

My I.D. came in the mail today!!! n_n

Hey guys~ remember I lost my I.D. few weeks ago~? Will..... ITS HERE!!!! It came today in the mail . The picture on my I.D. came out ok.....>.> Its not bad ,don't get me wrong~ cuz my last one look like shit... XD LOL Any picture in the world would of been better then my last picture~ HA HA....I wish I had my eyes wide OPEN like this....(O.O) I look like I'm drunk AND High at the same time! I swear I wasn't!!!! I guess its not the end of the world. I need to stop BITCHING~ XD ha ha..They have a new I.D style now~>.> I don't know if you could see it on here.
But in person you could see the differences for the new I.D. and the old one


  1. It looks great. I'll have to gal up for my pic too.

  2. I just took and new ID picture but I looked like crap!!! I didn't even know I was going to be taking a new picture. T_T

  3. you id picture looks really good :O mine looks like crap too >-< want to take a new one ..

  4. Chaudie~ cool~ YOU SHOULD!!!! n_n

    Dolly~ That's what happen to me last time lol.... cuz of that mistake I went all OUT to the DMV this time...XD LOL its ok honey next time dolly haha...

    Maria May~ I told the DMV lady that ppl looks at my I.D. and dont believe me its me.... so she was like..." FINE OK THEN!!!!" LOL

    タマ☆JEWEL☆~ You think so???? >.> Thanks honey~