Monday, January 17, 2011

*♥ SeX Talk ♥* Nihon no condoms~

Hey sexy people you know what i miss...??? Japanese kawaii, GIRLY, kira kira and sexy ass condoms !!! XD lol Im not kidding you~ >.> I do miss those... U.U like 2 years ago I bought tons of cute ass condoms from Japan. I wanted to show everyone cuz it was REALLY super CUTE! I think If the US states have those condoms ...DUDE ...>.> young girls would actually USE condoms and be safe !!! XD ha ha carrying condom would be FUN!!!! you could show and tell and trade with your girl friends, boyfriends , strangers just anyone...It would be a good ice breaker even~ he he he he XP J/K(By the way I'm open to talk about sex talk just so you know.....Been always had...n_n)

I have used the white box Glamorous butterfly , the black in pink box Glamorous butterfly and the
Luxury Gold. n_n

White box Glamorous Butterfly (Dots) all over the condom ...I mean more like bumps. =)
Black in pink box Glamorous Butterfly (HOT) get hot or warm when u use it.
Luxury Gold is just the condom is GOLD~ LOL like the condom is gold color~
I really like all of them~ fun fun...
These pics I took 2 year ago~I know some people HATES using condoms.... cuz they say.."I CANT FEEL HIM AS MUCH!" To me it doesn't make a different , same shit if he as it or not....XD And top of that..I like to be SAFE !!! better safe than sorry~ right? I do not want ANY accident at all. I would like to PLAN to have a child. Cuz i want the BEST for my kids, better than what i had. When i have a child i want to be ready you know? Oh ya, and you don't want to get any STD either~=P SO SAFE SEX PLZ EVERYONE !!!!! =)
I know I do~ XD been with my man since 2003 and sex ONLY with him~ :) HA HA
I just want to guys and gals be careful ok~ KEEP YOUR SHIT SAFE !!! :)

Next topic for "sex talk" is sex toys. hopefully I be doing it soon...n_n

P.S. If you don't like to read shit like this or you get offensive
maybe you should get out of my blog and don't look at it,that might help~ n_n

In till next time see ya.... LOVE & PEACE


  1. damn girl!!! I wanted to do a SEX TOYS entry too

    I'd like my blog to be 100% COCONA,AV GALS,CUTE SEX and so ihihihi

    uhuhuhu I LOVE YOU!!

  2. awwwww so awesome condoms's disign!!!)))

  3. haha :) i like this entry and you talk about this topic really cute so its fun reading it ^3^

  4. noonpuppet ~
    I know the packages war hella cute!!!! *3*

    ☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆~
    LOL I love Cocona!!!! she is my fave gal!!!! *3*

    condoms's disign are the best!!!! I need to get some!!! soon soon when i go there this summer or i could ask my friend to send me one..

    awww thanks honey!! ya i trying to do some new stuff on my blog~N-N but glad you like it!!!! n_n

  5. Loved this post!
    People should talk more what they have in their mind, with no worries!

    I really love to talk about sex too!!

  6. Love Jade~
    Thanks honey. Glad you like my post..... that is very true.... U.U People should speak what's in their minds.... It could help a lot of people~ n_n

  7. Last time I was in Japan I went condom shopping with Heather and bought a pack of the Rilakkuma okamoto condoms... but they didn't fit my bf when I got home 8D

    But I would LOVE to try out all of the condoms because they look so cool! After looking at measurements for Japanese condoms it seems like only the ones with the Elephants or Horses on the boxes would work D8

  8. D~tan~
    LOL.....XD I Know they fit tight......ha ha when we try it ,it was same too... he he some carries big sizes too!!! Elephants or Horses on the boxes LOL WTF? FUNNY!!!! ha ha

  9. I also have the Rilakkuma condoms, and bf said same thing lol! He hated them and refused to use them. I also brought home some "LOVE MODE" last year which are zebra print on the package but funny coloured on the inside! He refused them again..ffs

  10. Koneko ~
    awww Rilakkuma condoms!! *3* CUTE!!!!!I want one~
    YA... tell me about it "MEN" >.> its not a big deal and they bitch about it sometimes~ XD come onnnnn~ ha ha MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!! he he.....

  11. Haha! I remember the first time I saw those...

    my friend and I were grabbing some snacks before getting on the Shinkansen when she pointed them out. At first I thought they were perfume boxes, so I was like, "AWWWW cute!"
    Then she gave me a funny look so I read the wrapper...and sure enough, they were condoms! xD
    Actually, it was the exact same kind as the very last picture you posted! :)

    Hehe~ I totally agree! Maybe girls would be more prone to carry them around if they looked pretty! But I'm not sure how guys--at least guys in America--would feel if we suggested them. I feel like they might feel a little demasculinized :x

    Thanks for the great post~
    The pics are gorgeous! hehe
    I love your layout, too! ^^

  12. michi! lol! i love all of these! i wanna get them all just for the packaging .. i mean the box.. LOL not the condom. but im curious about those gold ones! hahaha and your layout looks sooo cute!!!! wah jealous

  13. Hii, found you through Janis :) This post is amazing!! Haha I don't have any problems talkin about sex at all.. those condoms are soo cute! And I agree, if condoms here were that cute, girls would probably use it more. I really want some now!

  14. 華 ♡°・.。 ~
    LOL ha ha ha....perfume boxes..NICE ONE! i was like that too... ya GUYS r party pooper at times~ XD Anyways thanks for the comments honey!

    the packaging is soo cute huh? ohh and i think you r lying about not wanting some condom....I think you do....LOL shhhhhh dont worry i won't tell anyone! XD

  15. lani love♥!!!!
    thanks for im following yoy too! n_n
    wish i could make my own condoms U.U
    would be the best...I told my man that i want a condom with glitter on them! Im going to make it one day ...XD LOL ha ha ha ha

  16. It's refreshing for someone to be open about sex :) I look forward to your next post!

  17. Those boxes don't look like they carry condoms at all! But they are indeed super sexy and cute! I agree... I think girls in this country would totally buy condoms if they came in cute boxes like that! Because not many people would think they're condoms in the first place and it'd be less embarrassing for girls to buy.

  18. Lyn ~
    It it really??? COOL! *3* Thanks honey Ill try to do my best to not make my post lame~ U.U thanks honey again!

    Tricia Isabela ~
    LOL... you know, u should of get some when u went to japan this past week!!!! XD

  19. Omg where did you used to buy comdoms in sapporo??

    i want to buy some but i have no idea where to get some that might fit bigger guys.. ahh

  20. @ Michi~ People are usually so close-minded and uptight on the topic! That's why we have teen mothers because no one wants to be open.

    I'm glad you are willing to be like "Yes, I have sex! So what?!" You're a great role model :)

  21. i wanted to buy some this christmas but then i realized i would never use it and it would go to waste in the pretty box... ; o ; [i use birth control so i wont get preggers]

  22. Haha I loved this post!

    I saw the new 'Cutie' ones in Donki this week and I was so tempted to buy some just because of the packaging, but from experience I am always a little let down that the actual condoms don't sparkle ;D