Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now and Then... How im allways changing...

I have been reminiscing these past day....U.U For some reason reminiscing the good times makes you feel really good inside~ It made me feel grateful that I made this far~Not everyone is that lucky~You know? Looking at some old pictures from way back then. Remembering about what i did these past years.....I find it really crazy how people grow and change , good and bad. I also have meet so many gals and people in my life. ♥ I just LOVE meeting new people. n_n I'm so ~excited to meet more people this year! *3* Anyways I have gather all the pictures since i was 1st yr.
till now! You could see how I change and grow up. XP
LOL ha ha these pics make me LOL every time~

Soooo ya......That's me....growing up sadly~ U.U
Grrrrrrrrr~ I don't want to get any older~
I wonder how I'm going to look when I'm 30 ???? OR Even 40!!!?
Most likely I will have kids by then.....XD LOL
Would I still be blogging? O.O? Who knows?
Time will tell I guess.....


  1. WOW! Sooo cute ne! Love the photos ne! sooo kawaiiiiiii (*w* )

    xoxo emimarie~

  2. I love looking at all the changes you've gone through. I'll bet even at 30 or 40, you'll still be one style-ish mama!

  3. I'm pretty sure by the time you get there people will still think you're in your 20's

  4. EMi MARiE :
    LOL ha ha thanks love~ n_n

    Mei :
    Man.....>.> I hope so.. that i still look young~ T~T It makes you think how I'm going to look??? XD too crazy~ ha ha

    LOL I really hope so!!! I BETTER!!!! XD thanks honey~

  5. So cute!! Even at such a young age, you knew how to pose! xD Your style is always changing, but it always looks good! So don't worry about getting older, because I know you'll always look amazing. ♥

  6. What a transformation! I think we all looked the same in the 90's and early 2000's, lol! The 90's were not a good decade for fashion / style.

  7. aww wish I had lots of photos from my childhood~ almost none :( this post is cute!! u really changed ~

  8. Tricia Isabela
    honey thanks for making me feel better~ XP you r always too nice~ love ya!

    LOL... I know , 90s was lil weird fashion.... but love the 90s music!!!! =P he he miss it~ ♥

    I want to see old pics of you~ I bet you look sooo cute! *3*

    ummmmmm....... Im not 23yr....>.> Im 25yr. T^T

  9. omgggggg your 13yr one <333
    i wish i looked that good back then -__-;

  10. Wow, what a change! You've had so many hairstyles and haircolors in the past years, and they all suit you very much :o
    I like your current hairstyle, but my favorite is the one from november 2008 >w<!

  11. MikaTiffany
    Really~? was I ok in 13? XD
    How did you look honey? I WANT TO SEE 030

    I Know~ I been doing make and coloring hair since I was 13...*3* my mom and dad was ok with it! they would by me the stuff..XP ha ha

  12. your baby pics are so cute * O *♥
    && you keep getting more gorgeous with each year ;3

  13. You knew how to pose in photos since you were a child! hahaha cute cuteee

    for sure the best hair style Jan 2008 nd now!
    I love these two the most!!

  14. pinkuchuchu
    aww that's sooo sweet honey~ but I really hope so~ >.<

    Did I??? XD lol ha ha and this for the comment honey! too sweet!

  15. that is so awesome transformation! I think you just get better n better! You're gonna be some shit hot pensioner in many years to come! ♥

  16. My wife and I did a similar project last week, Kilala Michi. We gathered all her photos (from baby pictures to the present ones) and sorted them out from oldest to latest. We found out how much she has been wearing all sorts of wigs (such as synthetic wigs) all these years. I had a special liking towards her photos wearing Forever Young wigs. I don't know what's with wigs, but she should continue wearing them. You should too!

  17. ☆ 穣 ☆
    awww thanks honey~ your too sweet my dear~ i really hope i get better~ lol

    Earl s
    oh. ok~

    Yume Ninja
    Thanks honey!!!! i haven't se you an along time hope i see you gorgeous!!!