Monday, January 31, 2011

*Love My Diamond Gals*

Sorry about last week ,I had been really busy with tons of shit. That's why I haven't post last week. U.U BUT! Saturday that just past, Us Diamond gals had a very important business. He he..I cant say nothing yet, but soon you will find out. I guess... XD I got to spend a whole day with my diamond gals which it was awesome! *3* It was such a long ass day~ I was really tired at the end. X_x Couldn't even walk the next day.... cuz we walk ALL OVER THE WHOLE California, at least it feels like~ LOL... Even all that it was SOooo AMAHZING !!!! A little inside joke between my Diamonds...... ha ha WHERE IS MY KEYS!!!!! Then music.......LOL ha ha And sailor moon talk in the car. And DAMN Yoshinoya... Good times~
AWWW... We are on the LA WEEKLY News paper~
How nice is that~ *3* ha ha


  1. It looks so fun, everyone looks very pretty and happy! I can't wait to hear what it was you were planning XD And it's so cool you got into the print newspaper too!

  2. I'm happy you had a great time with your Gals! The pictures look like lost of fun! YOu gals look all hot! Love it! I hope your doing fine ne :S
    xoxo Emimarie ne

    Ps: We should msn again ne...miss you :(

  3. y'all look so great <3
    seems like you had much fun *o*

  4. さらまり
    Thnaks honey it was really fun! and most likely you guys will find out soon...

    EMi MARiE
    awwww honey~ thanks! I know I miss you alot! let talk on msn soon!

    Gyaru Mika
    thanks love! I know cant wait to hang out with my gals!

  5. You guys are sooo cute! I really want to come to a summer event if you are planning one (that is really the only time I can get off at work :/).

    I can't wait to know what the secret is :)

  6. Lyn
    Where do u live honey??? we should be making a event this summer!!! I cant wait to meet chu!!!! YAY!!!!X3

  7. aawww thank you so much for your comment!!! For me it's a honor to have such a pretty girl posting a comment in my simple blog!! *___* You're tooo pretty!! And your friends too!!! I really wish I could meet someone like you someday!!! *____*

  8. you know im loving the photos Michi! wahh i miss all of you Diamond sisters.. your hair color is so vibrant and bright! love that fiery red, really complements your skin tone! btw how did you make your hair so wavey.. did you braid it? or is your hair naturally like that! ;D ahh hopefully ill see you guys soon and i cant wait for the you know what!

  9. Nenacho☆
    no no thank you for posting comment on my blog too honey! too sweet!!!!

    I really hope i see you soon~ U.U Oh... and yes i did braid it... :P

  10. gooood, why all of you girls are so amazing!?
    I would really love going out nd partyng with you!!
    such a inspiration for me ><

    and congratulation for the print on the newspaper!!! <3

  11. Everyone looks so gorgeous!!Looks like it was really fun :D

  12. @ Michi~ I live in Arizona :) So, I would def be able to come to California! I know you gals always have amazing events so, I am looking forward to attending one!

    I can't wait to meet you gals!

  13. miyuni
    I think your cir is my inspiration for me too~ n_n All you gals look super HOT!!!! I wish we could all meet someday!!!!

    Thanks honey for the comment! we did sure had tons of fun event tho it was a long day~ n_n

    Ohhhh ya? COOL!!!!!!! we should soooo meet soon!!! i cant wait to meet chu!

  14. I wish I still lived in Cali ;_; (I was born and raised in San Diego).

    We def should!!! I can't wait either :)

  15. Lyn
    don't worry honey we will!!!! 030

  16. .... I dont even know what to say. I really dont LMAO. Its all a dream to me now.

  17. Mie
    SAME HERE!!!! LOL .. ha ha

    Thanks honey! You r always stunning as well~ n_n