Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chill weekend....Ohhh ya~

FUCK...... U.U I think im getting sick again....WTF~ T^T
Thats why I took long to post again cuz I wasn't feeling so good.
Anyways... last week was really chill and fun !
Went to Round 1 with my boyfriend and his cousin, Cuz it was his
cousin 21st B-day . GUESS WHAT!? At Round 1, I got 2 plushy !!!

So happy I got them to take it home with me.
n_n I also took purikura as always~ he he

Then after Round 1 we had a party at my house.
At the party we played drinking games and smoke hookah .....you know
just having fun. I have a 2 hookah pipe but i still one another one.....
I want a cute PINK one SOOOO BAD! *o* So hope i find a cute one soon.

The pic is lil blur... getting ready for hookah..

In this pic i was smoking honey due flavor.

Ohh !! Also forgot.. I got a new wallpaper on my phone~
It was from a Japanese app. It was $1.00 something~
It was too cute I had to buy that shit~ XD
Its a live wallpaper..... It moves too!
Has a time , date and it sparkle !!!
FUCK YA!!!!!! XD


  1. omg michi!! i wanna smoke hookah with you.. hahaha those pink ones are sooo cute.. they're so much nicer than the one i have , its just plain silver.. i never tried honey dew before.. sounds nice.. and i love the new wallpaper for your phone!! your hair and makeup always looks good tooooo rawrrr miss you

  2. Janis
    WE KEEP SAYING WE R GOING TO DO HOOKAH together!!!! We really need to make that happen soon!!! LIKE FO SHO !!!!!! I need to start planning what im going to do with you when u come out here....:p I want to show u some good time...he he *wink *wink.....LOL hehe...
    LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU sexy lil lady!!!!

  3. Love your makeuppppp ahhhh!!
    Beauty queen miichii!! i'd also love to smoke hookah withchaa anytime sounds hella chill

  4. ur make up still gorgeous honey XDXD

    ur phone are same as me ! but ur bg really pretty. i use just only blank black bg hahaha

  5. Awww, you look so cute in that first photo with your pouty face! :3 And I love how you took purikura with Rilakkuma! ♥

    I hope you feel better soon! You are too busy to get sick lol xD

  6. I hope you feel better soon, take care! It's so great you won 2 plushies at the arcade, you're a pro!

  7. I love your look ne! soooooo cute Michi chan!
    xoxo emimarie

  8. AmbiBambi
    Thanks honey.....And yes hooka is yummy~ I love the fruity ones... he he next time when i see you!

    Do u love your phone???? CUZ I DOOOO!!!! XD LOL
    I love everything about it..... but you should get BG soon~ some are FREE.... you should go see it in the market!

    Tricia Isabela
    hey let take puri together soon! I havn't done with you in a long time...

    Pro~ I WISH!!!! T0T I want to get more than 2.....I wan 10 more!!!! lol

    EMi MARiE
    thanks sweet heart!!!! miss you... lets talk soon!!!

  9. You are so adorable!!! :)



  10. Hardcore Makeup Junkie
    Thanks honey!!! do u know my name is Michelle too... hehe :P

  11. You are sooo adorable!! I love your make-up and writing!!! Assuming you wrote the "Diamond" on your プリクラ

    Hahaha, you should totally get a pink hookah and then bling it (・w・)

    Omigooosh I've been going crazy looking at random iphone/touch apps. Which app is that one? (☆.☆)

  12. Lyn
    he he ME TOO!!! *3* haha hope u can join me soon~ ;D

    Hey hey !!! thanks for the comment my love~ thats why i want to get a pink hookah pipe so i could deco that shit to the MAX ! XD haha
    we need to see each other soon! miss you!

  13. You look so amazzzzing in that piccies <3
    And the pink hookahs are the shit <333 :3

    the colour is so gorgeous *_*!!!work it girl~!

  15. Gyaru Mika
    ha ha thanks... I know !!!! pink hookah is the shit~ even more if i deco it!!!! he he XD

    Thanks my love~ n_n Im trying to work it with my red brown hair~ :P he he And you work it with your sexy PINK hair!!!!!

  16. OMG!!! Those hookahs are SOO cute!! I'd love to get one too! And your hair is sooo awesome!! Love the colors!