Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random post..ANAP,Food, Hair & stuff...

Hey guys !!! ANAP posted pic from the event from last week...
Here is some pictures from ANAP FB... ANAP FACEBOOK.
Its fish eye lens.... Just so you know~

I made a lil video for the ANAP event too~ hehe

Also I retouched my roots...
And I thought this was lil cool and trippy~ n_n
I think I might change my hair color soon....
I'll talk about it on my next post how i want it...

This week we went out to eat a a Japanese restaurant.
I had some yummy raman!

Green tea ,Tempura Ice cream~

Ohhh and I bought some new stuff this week too...
@ Hot Topic ( $12.00 and $6.50 )

@ Some random gift ($8.00)
I have a black and the white fox tail... now i have this color!
( Not a real tail ) Never would I buy a real one~ n_n

@ Forever 21 It was on sale!!! YAY!!! F0rom the top. ( $4.00 / $1.00 / $3.00 )

I tend to forget to post what I bought. I always forget.
Ill try to post from now on.... I HOPE ...*~* LOL


  1. OMG I was so gone!! Hahaha! xD!! But it's all good cuz I always have fun with my gals! ♥ And wow, I didn't know you were gonna make a video! It's so nice!! ^__^

    That's a really cute fox tail, btw!! So cheap too! And the cross necklace from Forever 21 looks like the ones from tutuHA! :3

  2. Tricia Isabela
    Ya it was sooo much fun! Its good to go to club ones in the while~ and just be out there~:P
    I wanted to start making video for every events.. we will see....>.> HOPE *3* its more cleaner in my computer file~ XD but you look hell cute in the video honey! no matter what u do, u look smoke'n~ ;D

  3. Great pictures and great purchases!! *O* Your hair rocks a lot!!!

  4. Oh the fish eye pictures are really cute and fun, I think the third one is the best, very cute indeed^^

    Oh my god...that green tea tenpura ice cream..

    Great purchases too, I have that necklace from F21 too. Its a dupe of a gal brand necklace, can't remember which, but I see Sakurina wearing it time to time

  5. omg I love the Video, and the picture are the bomb ne! You Gals look sooooooo good ne :D

    xoxo emimarie

  6. Nenacho☆
    IKnow some was on sale so im really happy i got it cheap~ cuz trying to save money to japan too....thanks honey!

    eye pictures are really cool look right~? the one you said is my fav too!
    And you and Sakurina has the same necklace!??? how cool!!! yay!!! good to hear that~ thanks my dear~

    EMi MARiE
    aww you r so sweet honey!!!! thanks my love!!! miss chatting with u!

  7. I love your hair style!!! yeah, I think you rock it so good!!!
    sure you have enjoyed so much!!!

  8. Mimisa
    Awww thanks honey~ I feel like changing to a nothing color tho....maybe soon... its going to look the same.... just the red will turn to another color~ we will see~ he he

  9. omg you all look sooo awesome !!!

  10. Suzu's Blog
    Aww thanks honey for the sweet comment!

  11. The fish eye lens pictures are sooo cool!

    You make me want to go shopping... T_T

  12. ♦♦♦ DOLLY ♦♦♦
    I know i think i need to get a fish eye lens for my camera soon~ and everyone in this blog makes me want to go shopping~ >.> LOL

  13. omg i love anap!! they have the cutest clothes!! but no one here in my area gets its!! very cool post <3

  14. lovely pictures michi♥
    you gals look gorgeous like always :3
    && omg that green tea tempura ice cream looks SO yummy~!!
    cute purchases too ^ o ^

  15. augustalolita
    I love ANAP TOO!!!!! thanks for the comment honey!Ill try my best do have good blog~ n_n

    aww thanks sweet heart! you need to hang out with us sometimes!!!!

  16. You guys look soo freaking CUTE!!!
    Ahh and tricia looks soo FIERCE in that first photo <3 love you gurls!!

    I'm glad you guys had a good time :)