Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks boyfirend for the goods~ 8D

So this week I have bought some cute stuff....
Thanks too my boyfriend for the most.
He is way too nice~ When we go shopping
he said he feels bad that Iam buying stuff.....
Cuz he know he gets paid a lot more than I am~
He just want me to save money~ I love a man that
takes care of is women~ n_n By the way I buy most of
my shit too so don't trip LOL... I don't take his money like that...
ohh hell no~NOT a gold digger ~
I feel bad~ Even if I been with him for 7 yr.
I should buy him a thank you gift. maybe something with
One Piece cuz he really loves it! ;P

This week I went to the mall and Japanese
stores with my mom ,boyfriend and is cousin.
Also meet up with Cass and Jen to pick up
I fairy sakura pink lens from her. Over all it was good day.
I got to spend time with mom which was really nice.

Stuff i bought....
Teasing comb.
I thinkit was like $4 something~

Hair bangs $15.00

Small lil cute case. $ 2 something.

3 gyaru magazines $ 37.00 ish

Now stuff that my man bought for me this week.
Kilakkuma snacks $2ish $3 ish

kalukote small portable hair iron . $30.ish
Ill post a about this topic on the next post. n_n

Hello Kitty wine.$35 ish

Dress or long top. $17.00
bought at the mall near my house~

forever 21cost $5.80 but on sale for only $2

Forever 21 $ 3 something.

I fairy sakura pink.
Don't worry~ Ill take pic with them today.


  1. Lots of cute stuff Michi. I wanna see you wear the bangs~

  2. Mie
    ha ha Im going to take pic soon with it!
    and thanks for the comment honey~ need to see u soon~*0*

  3. I have the same hair straightener! I heard it was popular and bought it but didn't touch it for two years because it only heats up for thirty minutes per battery charge :(

  4. Mint
    Ohhh really? I use lil just to try it... I guess i would have to wait and see..LOL thanks tho~

  5. hello kitty wine? so cool! glad your family is ok. the japan earthquake was so devastating.

    last day of my StiLa GIVEAWAY, join now:

  6. Lots of cute stuff, would like to see photos of the lenses and the bangs on :D

  7. wow!!
    so manyyyyyy cute stuff :D
    you seem to have many cool japanese stores there T T
    i wish we had same here ; ;
    here they seem to seell only manga and anime haha (´3`)
    anyway, SUPER CUTE THINGS !! ♥

  8. OMG Kitty Wine? Is it any good?

    And congrats on being together for 7 years!

  9. awww thanks for you comment *-*,,♥
    I love all your purchases!^^
    are awesome! º-º♥

  10. kklectric
    Dont worry!!! I will post about it soon!!! hope the next post!

    Really????? thats sucks~ come to cali!!!! ;D
    anyways thanks for the comment honey~ n_n

  11. Chaudie
    not sure i haven't try it yet~ hope soon and let you know all about it~ LOL ha ha

    no worries ! and thank you too honey~!!!