Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 NEW circle lenses (shoppingholics.com) GIVEAWAY form ( http://agejoperfect.blogspot.com/ )

I been ask been ask to do a review for circle lenses from the
shoppingholics.com week ago.
And I was really glad to do some. n_n
So today I got a package from them.
3 NEW circle lenses ! Which is...

*Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Green
*Japan Barbie Circle Eye(Ring)-Gray
*Dali Extra Green Circle Lens

I cant wait to try them on with my nice make up and hair....
Sorry , I would do them today,but... since I got off work,
I look like shit. So Ill do the review ASAP! ~ n_n

Then today I decided to get 3 more lens.
Since I have been a good girl~ LOL
I should be getting the lens with in 1 to 2 weeks.
Cant wait to get it !!! *3* So excited !!! lol
This is the ones Im going to be getting them soon.

*Princess Mimi/Bambi Chocolate Brown Lens

*Japan Barbie Eye Super Nudy 16.0mm-Green

*Adult Violet Circle Lens

I think I'm going to be make a giveaways soon. Ones I hit 300 followers.
So far I have 264 followers. n_n Hope I hit that soon~ Need to come
up with a cute idea for my giveaway~ YAY!!!!

Anyways...talk about a giveaway~ GIVEAWAY form
( http://agejoperfect.blogspot.com/ )
She has a REALLY cute ass giveaway right now~
Pink vs. Purple which is really cute idea~ I hope I GET IT! *3*
I would be soooooo HAPPY!!!! lol such a cute stuff....my gosh~
Deadline 4/4/2011 23:59


  1. Those top lenses in your picture have an intersting pattern! Cant wait to see them :D

  2. Can't wait to see your new lenses on you ^ ^
    and also i can't wait for your giveaway wee:D

  3. OMG I'm looking forward to see you wearing them!! I'm thinking about getting some new lenses too!! >__<

    Kisses cutie!!! ^3^

  4. Samispoon
    interesting pattern I know right!?~Thats why I wanted to try some new looks.....he he I get bored easily~ ha ha I will take pic soon with them~ n_n

    Awww thanks honey! dont worry!!! Ill post asap!!!!

    You should get new lens!!! I did~ >.> lol Its fun to mix match with your make up! n_n

  5. the top right have a really interesting pattern! must be fun to transform yourself with different eye colours and make-up!

  6. love love love :D
    I have to see how they look ne :D

  7. the chocolate brown ones look so good O__O

  8. Amy
    I know!!!transforming is the only way that will keep me happy~ cuz i get bored quickly~ >.< I cant see my self looking the same~ no way~lol

    EMi MARiE
    You will see it soon my dear!!! fo show! n_n

    Neeva Marie B.
    thanks honey! ;D

    working on it!!! ;D

    I know!!!! I cant wait to get it!!!! *3*

  9. Wow, it's going to be circle lenses reviews to the max XD You made great choices can't wait to see them^^

  10. Woww! very nice lenses! *-*
    I have no green .. I'll have to try them! hehehe

    About manga, I have posted a manga that I drew have a long time, it's mine ^^
    And drawings are made by me! Do you like it?

  11. さらまり
    LOL I Know right~ every post its going to be about the lens~ LOL ha ha

    ya you should try green!! I think it would looks supper cute on you!

  12. Anxiously waiting for the circle lenses pictures !

    Oh wow, that website you posted has prescription Geo Bambi's. I was so sad when I saw them on Honeycolor and I didn't see any prescription ones available, haha. Thanks for sharing it [:

  13. the lenses are looking very cool! cant wait to see the review.

  14. where can i buy or order this?