Sunday, April 10, 2011

My stuff can't fit in my room. U___U''

Whats up guys~ n__n
I just wanted to post some stuff I bought lately~You know what!?
I just notice that I can't fit my
stuff anywhere in my room.....Grrrrrr~U__U
I really need to do a DEEP cleaning soon...But I think even if i did...
deep cleaning, it wouldn't fit my shit.
I really "REALLY" have a tiny room and top of that
I live with my boyfriends family~ SoooooI share the room with my boyfriend.
We should be moving some times this year. Most likely in fall after I'm back from Japan trip.
I just cant wait to move out and have my own room and deco the way I really want~
I guess I could take picture of my crazy ass room soon~XD

Anyways... 2 weeks ago I order my lens form shoppingholics !
The lens came to me yesterday !!!I cant wait to try them on I'm like so excited!!!
Don't worry, Ill review the lens like always very soon~ n_n
This is one ones I got!
*Adult Violet Circle Lens
*Princess Mimi/Bambi Chocolate Brown Lens
*Japan Barbie Eye Super Nudy 16.0mm-Green

I bought some new nail polish too!!! I got some new colors cuz
I have a really good friend name Adri like to do nails,so
basically bought it for both of us! That way, she has
a lots of color choices when she does my nails or hers.

I bought "elf studio" from target last week. It was only $3.oo I think?
But was really cheap~How cool is that! All elf studio item is really cheap!
I wanted to try it see if it was any good~I did really like it alot!!!!
The color looks really nice!
Such a nice bright PINK color.
It applies really nicely and it last pretty long too~

It not a really good picture but you could see the blush a lil.
I'll post a better pic next time.

The 2 nerd eyeglasses I got them only for
$3.oo @ Zizibeh and sunglasses @ forever 21
for $5.80

Also bought this bag @ Zizibeh for $26.00

@ forever 21 $17.oo ish

@ forever 21 $19.oo ish

In the week end I went out to the Santee Ally
In downtown L.A. and a mall near me.
I had it to buy stuff for work.....
But I ended up buying stuff for me too....LOL ;D

rings and necklace~


earrings and necklace ...

And one more last thing!!! Who's planning to go to this???
"Tune in Tokyo presents "POP PUNK / POP IDOL" at Royal/T"
I'll be helping my dear friend Tune in Tokyo at the event!
Anyone is welcome to come to this event!!!!
you guys should all come out and have fun! n_n
For more INFO~
"POP PUNK / POP IDOL" at Royal/T"


  1. Oh wow! I didn't know you could get such great stuff at Target! I'll be sure to be on the look out for that super cute blush! ^o^

  2. みか☆ちゃん
    I know~ that's what I said!!!! I want to try the other make up too~ If its any good...

  3. so much cute stuff~ i love the nerd glasses on you, you look so pretty! this post makes me want to shop lol. i've been looking for a pretty cross necklace everywhere here, i've been seeing them on so many gyaru coordinates lately ><
    can't wait for your lenses reviews :D

  4. Oh! I'm really curious about that chocolate Mimi lens!

  5. Love the haul, some great buys :D
    Looking forward to your lens review too!

  6. Soo much great stuff!!
    Cant wait for the Tsubasa lense review, Im really wanting a pair of those :D :D

  7. Sooo cute stuff! ^.^

  8. Really nice stuff you bought and soo cheap :O

  9. I was going to make a post about how I have too much stuff today, but now I am ashamed because your stuff is so much better XDD I love those cross necklaces of course, I want that red one!!

    I can't wait to see the violet lens review, I always liked that one.

    Oh man, maybe I should move to Cali after I graduate, there always great stuff happening there. I wish I can go to those events everytime you write about them. But what would I do as a job XD

  10. omg I love Zizibeh! There is one right by my house! I'm there at least once a week. XD; I love that white Mickey face shirt.

  11. Aaaah you all the stuff i wanted to buy!! So jelly~ but i'm too shit poor to buy anything so i'm just waiting til money comes raining on me... :'D
    I'm also thinking of getting nudy and adult lenses cuz they look so pretty! And they seem like the only few lenses that gives the "foreign look". Looking forward to your review~ ^_^

  12. i love all the stuff! and please do photos of your room! it has to be very fun haha
    kisses i love your blog^^

  13. omg I want that mickiy mouse shirt (*w*) I love love what you bought ne!
    xoxo emimarie

  14. OMG, I really love all the stuff, so cute and nice

  15. wow, you do have too much stuff! and i thought i was bad!! lol.

    i'm kinda jealous of your contact lenses collection though... since i have terrible eyesight, it's A)expensive and B)not too many brands who do prescription... T_T


    I've donated six bags of clothing to goodwill/nonprofit organization for children in South America this year alone and I still have so much stuff left over.. I guess I'll try to sell it or something ): You should too!

  17. OMG!! You have so many cute stuff!!! There's space in my room!! (wink) hahahahaha
    And you look great with those glasses!!!

  18. Wow, I love all your bling-blings lol! Especially the pink cross *___*

  19. gua!!! you are soo kawaii i love your blog and your circle lenses are beuatiful i follow you!