Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gyaru hair color Ideas for me...

Soon... I'm thinking of coloring my hair again~
I have this hair color since first week of Oct.
I cant believe its been that long already~Time past by so fast.
Anyways~I think I'm still keeping the 2 tone hair color tho..
I'm might just change only the red side in to a purple.
And the brown hair side will get little more lighter....
My mind can change anytime knowing me~ :3
So we will see I guess...... ;P Most likely will change the color next month.
I just been thinking lately that's all. Hope I could make up my mind soon.

I decided to put some pictures together of gyaru hair colors.
Both Japaneses gyaru and western gyaru . n__n
Most of the picture is with bright colors hair or have 2 tone colors.

Most likely I would be using
Punky Colour or Manic Panic.
OR even BOTH ! ;D

If you guys know any other cool brands that works really good?
Just comment and let me know the info~ love to try
new things~ n__n


  1. Everyone seems to keep advising me not to go for Manic Panic! :(

    I used Hot Hot Pink when I had pink hair and the colour ran out really quickly and stained portions of my hair at the back and underneath some of layers so the top of my head was always Hot Hot Pink, and my ends went a funny peachy colour really quickly! :(

    If you are gonna go pink (will look really cute on you!!!) maybe try Special Effects Atomic Pink? I've been told it doesn't wash out at all (well, for ages i'm assuming), so if you want a long lasting colour, maybe try that?

    Directions is supposed to be quite good, and there's also Crazy Color, which isn't too bad!

    I think you would look good with pink! I think you could rock a blonde look with pink dotted around in places, like bangs or side of your head, or even just individual parts!

    Work it girl!

  2. my hair is purple and black and i used directions hair dye in violet, It worked perfectly you dont need your hair to be very white at all it worked on orange and went a perfect colour my hair was patchy too and it has balanced it out if you want to see the colour it goes its on my blog

  3. I'd love to see the purple two tone on you!
    If anyone can work it, it's you ;D

  4. So many lovely pictures of hair!! :D :D

  5. In my experience, Punky Color lasts waaay longer than Manic Panic. Also, if you heat your hair while dying it (I used use a blow dryer) that will help the color stay in longer :)

  6. PS just a heads up, reds and pinks wash out the fastest!

  7. i think purples would look awesome on you!
    and yea dont go for manic panic, fades quick in most spots and stains the rest of your hair like Koneko said.

  8. Thanks guys for the info~ For my red I use Punky I know it does work really nicely~ But Manic Panic, I use it on my friend a blue color. And I notice that its not really that thick....And I didn't like as much... But I thought it was just that color that i was I wasn't sure..>.< thanks you so much guys for helping! love you all! n__n

  9. Oh with all those inspiration photos I can understand how it would be hard to choose a new colorXD

    Like everyone else I think purple would be great. The bright reds, pinks, whites/blond etc are fairly common now, so it would be great to see some more colors get shown^^/

  10. I agree with bloomzy. You should do something magnificent with Purple.

  11. i'm a fan of PURPLE as you know. lol i am purple myself!

    but i dilute (with conditioner) a mix of hot hot pink and punky violet (cause it's much darker than the box says)

    since i dilute w/ conditioner i have a lot of product so i can use 1 bottle of each for a LONNNGG time when i have to touch up :D

    blue is always going to wash out fast unfortuneately, unless it's a very dark dark blue. :( nature of the beast.

  12. I think everybody wants you to go Purple! So I agree also! ^^

    I would love to have my hair color two-toned, but my hair is so sensitive so I have to give up that dream :(

    Can't wait to see your final product then!

  13. I really love Directions! I already dyed my hair in different purples, greens, blues, silver and white with them. Loved all the colors with one exception, my hair kind of rejected the color Lagoon Blue. But all the others I've used (Violet, Lilac, Plum, Atlantic Blue, Alpine Green, Spring Green, Midnight Blue, Ebony, Neon Blue, Silver, White Toner) were fine! Only thing is you can't really dye your hair black with Ebony, it gets more of da dark green/blue, but I liked it. Still trying out the other colors myself, next up: Apple Green :)

  14. wow a lot color O_O i like all!!!!
    your blog is so cute!
    well i like the vlonde hair but the green hair issss very cute xD thanks for follow me!
    i follow you too!

  15. i love love this post! i'm dying to do two toned hair but I'm scared how hard it would be to dye back to blonde

  16. Try out Pravana :) I used the purple from them, AMAZING. It stayed forever! (colour swatches)