Thursday, May 26, 2011

☮ New Item ☮

Took pic before I went to work~

Ok so, Im going to post some stuff I bought with in 2 weeks ago~
In last post, I was really sleepy and I couldn't. I guess i have
some kind of energy to post the pic before i forget and get lazy~ :P
So right now bohemian, Native and tribal stuff is SOOOO IN right now
as we all know ~So I bought some stuff from Santee in down town last weekend.
I was really suppose to ONLY buy gifts,but like always ended up
buying things for me too . LOL
Bought it Santee

This one I got it @ Target.

Bought it @ Santee

Santee also~

need more LASH!!!! LOL

@ lil tokyo~

I love this cute bag!!! I use this bag to work~

From the Nuts magazine~ free MURUA makeup bag!

Now some random pics..... n__n

I love frozen yogurt!!! I try to go get some, every Sunday.

Me playing with my goddaughter~
She is sooo silly just like me...
We like to do random shit...LOL ha ha
She is way too cute!!! I love this pic~
She was yelling like a crazy person.ha ha ha

I was paying with money~ I was going to do
a funny pic with this money. But I ended up not doing it
because I didn't have make up on~ LOL
I know Im lame~ like a gangsta pic *0* next time!

I guess that's its for now~ Bye bye


  1. Wow ~ I am jealous of all your cute new items!

  2. wow, that is alot of stuff...I'm curious to see where you store all your goodies.

  3. nice buys! I esp. like the earrings with the feathers!
    and aww such a cute goddaughter you have! nuurh <3

  4. So much nice stuff, the jewellery is awesome. Cute piccy of your god-daughter!

  5. Those feather earrings are so cute~ I love your hair as well!♥

  6. I love all the bright colored heart and star accessories from Santee.

  7. Like earrings)))))like tham all)))))))))))
    And WC bag)))

  8. big money cash money michii haha ths your new nick name

  9. oh damn! big balla!
    i loveeeeeeeeeee that red and black scarf you bought!