Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make-Up Madness....

Friend of mine took a pic of me falling asleep.
All the hard work looking for my perfect make up
drain me

I have been super lazy these past day to post on my blog...
I think its cuz it has been super hot in L.A. Makes me slow down
a bit. LoL Also~I think this past 2 weeks, I over shop....not good at all....
I better chill-lax on shopping this month. I have bought so many make up
and outfits and all that good stuff...Im like soooooo~Hella broke!!! lol
I still need to take picture of all the stuff i have bought so i could show.....
but for now I'm going to post pic of all the make up I have bought. n__n

Super happy that i bough sum make. I was running super LOW......
How did i let this happen??? I should never wait till last min!!!

Neon Sparkle palette (Santee)

(Perfect Ten colors) A! Absolute
Palette eye shadow-Chameleon

I use Perfect Ten colors green color with Neon
Sparkle palette green. And it makes this....

NYX Blush Cinnamon Im IN LOVE!!!! I love that color~
It has a nice orange color. with flash the color might be lighter
but in person or with out flash its nice bright color. n__n

NYX Blush Cinnamon with flash.

NYX Blush Cinnamon

I bought these in Sephora.
Top: Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick .Bare Escentuals.
Bottom: PRODUCTS BY Hello Kitty

All types of Eyeliners.....

Same order as the top one....

I will review the makeup when i get the chance this week.
So keep your eye on my blog for the reviews soon. :)


  1. Oh you look nice when falling asleep, I always fall asleep with my mouth open or drooling haha!

    Maybe its overshopping, but I think all the makeup you bought is great!! All those super colorful eyeshadows are beautiful and the blush looks great too. It makes me want to shop haha!

  2. Epic make-up haul :O
    I really cannot wait to see more of your awesome eyemake-ups with these! I wish NYX was afforadble here as well but it's so expensive compared to the US. You're so lucky over there ^_-

  3. I just came back from L.A and I fell in love with just about everything except the freeways, lol. my gps could not keep up; turn left ...rerouting, lol. Anyways, I thought about you while I was there thinking geez I don't even know where to start shopping here! I should've asked you before I left to L.A! Enjoy the weather luv, it's a bitch right now in Az. (^_-)

  4. That eyeshadow palette looks AWESOME! :)

  5. ohhh that sparkle palette is amazing!! *o* i'm sure you'll do some amazing make-up styles with it, that palette is so you! :D♥

  6. cutie michi falling asleep! XD i remember when i went to your house the first time and was always amazed by your makeup collection! i love that you got a lot of nyx makeup.. its very affordable for me and inspiring because you have the best gyaru eye makeup ever and i know you don't need the most expensive brands to create great styles..

    i really love the sparkle eye makeup!!!! i wants it!! <3 cant wait to see the styles you come up with!