Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 2: Venice Beach/Roundone/ half and half

Day 2:
I had made a plan to take Kayo to show my other gal friends!
We went to round one because she wanted to take purikra.
And round one has the best and the newest~Purikura! So we had to go there~ ;) 
On top of that, I wanted to go to Half and half~ That shit is crack! Yummy~ LOL
I also took her to Venice Beach after wards. Because its soooooo LA thing to do!LOL
We got to walk next to the water and see the sun go down. It was really beautiful! *0*
I made her try funnel cake cuz its very American! he he he She loves it!She couldn't stop
eating it!!! she was HOOKED! XD At the end of the night we went to Hiromi house like
always. We talk about a lot of stuff and chill and see the LA city light.

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